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Men's Fashion Underwear

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Based on 2 reviews.
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Most recent review
This underwear is a gem of a product. The skimpy structure shown my assets in the best way which excites my love life. Apart from that, I wear on hot days that allows a good breathability to my privates. I'm happy that I invested in these.
Most recent review
These boxer briefs are the best purchases so far. The best part of this underwear is the color combination. A dark colored body with a shiny waistband. This is really cool. It looked normal on the image but when these were delivered to me, they completely looked different and beautiful. The functionality is also good that provides a pouch to keep the genitals in a place. The conventional coverage completes the underwear. I'm buying more of these in different colors.
Most recent review
The low rise bikini brief is one of my naughty purchase. Usually, brief are worn for the regular purpose and people don't prefer them for special occasions but, these are something beyond them which broke the monotony. The underwear stays soft on my waist and provides the best of comfort and sexiness. It just covers the basic essentials and leaves the rest for the show which makes it an erotic attire as well. I love to flaunt these in front of my wife.
Most recent review
I'm very pleased with my purchase this time.The fit is perfect and feels amazing down there. The fabric is absorbable which keeps my assets dry on a sunny day. I just Love the look of the underwear, dark body with a shiny waistband. It's like wearing something for a ramp walk on a fashion show. I will be definitely be ordering more of these to update my underwear drawer.
Most recent review
The fit provided by these jockstraps are amazing. They gently hold my package and doesn't allow the dangling feeling down there. They support well at the gym even for the most vigorous workouts. The revealing back serves the dual purpose of an incredible sex appeal and breathability. The military green color looks bold and attractive that doesn't fade away like the other brands. Good one by the brand!
Most recent review
This Product is very comfortable to wear all day. For me, the fit is a bit off, but the materials are very comfortable. I always prefer a low rise as they allow to hide the popping waistbands when I wear my low rise jeans or pants. This product is perfect in terms of rise as well. Apart from that, the basic construction of the briefs have been reduced which looks good. It feels bunched up wearing the tight-whiteys on a hot day. This can be a good jump from the conventional style. Overall, I would recommend this to everyone who is looking to buy a new pair of briefs.
Most recent review
Earlier I had bought the same thing in blue color. I was so impressed with the functionality that I decided to buy the same in different colors. I've never tried sheer fabric before because I feel they are too revealing. But, still I decided to give a try because the functionality of the product was very impressive. Luckily, the fabric was very soft on the skin that provided a heavenly breath to my assets. My BF loves to see me in these as they are revealing. I'm happy with my purchase now. Thank you guys!
Most recent review
Otzi never fails to surprise me in-terms of providing the needed comfort down there. And these briefs are no exception. The comfortable pouch makes me feel supported down there. It also provides an enhancement in the bulge area, thereby lifting the manhood in the correct position. I'm happy with my purchase.
Most recent review
The fit on these things is amazing. They gently hold every contour yet don't cling or tug. Your member is held forward slightly just by the shape of the pouch, which I never expected would feel as good as it does. It's like wearing nothing at all except for the stellar support they provide. The fabric is super smooth and soft, yet airy.
Most recent review
Well, I won't lie here and this product came to me because the other colors were not available. I had ordered for some other color and this landed in my delivery. But, the product might look different in the image, it is actually a handsome pair with a unique color and a jock fit. The idea was to get something that would carry minimal fabric and voila! I got what I was looking for and I don't have any regrets with the store or the product.

Fashion is defined by how comfortable you feel in what you’re wearing. Anything that makes you feel the same as well as confident from within is what makes the best men’s fashion underwear. With the growth of the men’s underwear industry and the fashion-consciousness among the male population, the need for the respective style has become utmost important.

Fashion underwear does not limit itself to a particular category or style. It stretches out from the conventional briefs to the sensuous assortment of thongs for men. Boxer briefs, jockstraps, g-strings, bikinis and other styles are also included when it comes to fashion apparel at Skiviez. With the gamut of apparel styles, the men’s underwear store also has a plethora of brands that put forward their collection. Some of the names include Daniel Alexander, Otzi, Candyman, Male Power, Obviously, Good Devil, Cover Male, Miami Jock and so many more.

Whether you are someone who loves to carry a lot of fabric down there or someone who loves to reveal it all; Skiviez has got something to cover your back with popular brands, sexy underwear styles, exotic designs, modern cuts and comfortable fabric composition. With more colors than the rainbow, you can have something for every occasion and mood.

Indulge yourself in the range of sexy thongs by Otzi. The thongs with a little more coverage on the rear with eye-popping colors and white elastic waistband. On the other hand, lift your package with enhancing underwear by Daniel Alexander and find more pieces at Skiviez.

Check out the catalog and buy your favorite pairs.