The G-string underwear is a type of thong that offers minimum body coverage and a string-like apperance. The sensual pieces have a v-shaped pouch that elongated as per the size of your manhood. This makes the design even more appealing. The underwear is named after the g-strings of guitar and is the skimpiest thing that a man can wear.

The stringed waistband of the underwear is for those who don’t like their waistband popping out of their pants. The assortment of G-string, at, offers maximum style to your personality with minimum coverage. The sleek design is for the bold men who likes to be different from the rest of the masses. The revealing underwear is available in many unique patterns and a wide range of colors that can match the taste of each and every man. Available with more than 50 brands the G-strings of Skiviez can match the personality and expectation of everyone. The brands includes Intymen, Cover Male, Good Devil, Daniel Alexander and many more brands of the men’s underwear industry.

These undies are the best and the sexiest way to flaunt your well toned physique. The airy design of G-strings makes them the best option for heat of summers. The underwear provides nothing more than the basic coverage, thus, giving you the best possible ventilation. The perfect fabric composition wicks away the moisture. The elastic string waistband adds to the sensuality of the undergarment. It rides low and easily hides behind the low waist jeans.

Every brand has their respective designs, thus, providing ample options to the user. The variety of colors and patterns matches every mood and event.

The entire G-string collection at are available at reasonable prices that can suit your style as well as your budget. So, peep into the assortment and flaunt your physique in the best possible way.

Brands to look out for men’s g-strings at Skiviez

If you’ve been looking for men’s g-string underwear and desire for pairs that are conventional or modern, functional or intentionally made to hold nothing, covers more than expected or reveals it all, Skiviez has a compilation that will let you feel more than just sexy and stylish even in the most minimal fabric. It takes a lot of innovation and uniqueness in designing men’s underwear styles like g-string for men and hence, the brands offering the collection at the online store are special as well as very modern.

Some of the most popular brands offering their matchless assortment of skimpier version of men’s thongs include

If you are going to try g-strings for the first time, Cover Male is the perfect brand. The products are subtle yet very sexy with the comfortable appeal which is needed at first. While, Daniel Alexander G-Strings are vivacious, sensuous and very soft on the manhood.

Joe Snyder is the perfect companion when you are in love with yourself and are getting prepared to party hard with all the shimmery appeal, minimal coverage, and supportive approach. On the other hand, Good Devil pieces are all about either laying it all on the table or teasing/tempting the partner.

Obviously’s collection focuses on the comfort of the male anatomy and crafts anatomical pouches to let the manhood take its place with comfort.

With these to name some, others like PPU, PetitQ, Pistol Pete, Intymen and many more are featured at

Who must wear G-String Underwear?

When you say g-string, you would surely imagine sexy women skimpily dressed in minimal clothes, but the masculine g-string underwear is for guys who dare to drop their pants when and where it is needed. Physically toned personalities, guys should be equally daring by nature because the sexy underwear style is not for the fainthearted. It takes a lot of courage to don something so skimpy.  
So, can you dare to lay it all on the table?

What are the basic details of g-string?

The basic details of a pair of g-string is a triangular shaped pouch in the front that might or might not cover the assets while the rest has strings (as the waistband and the one that passes through the butts) here and there to hold the piece together. Some products carry extra fabric in the front while others are barely-there and made for revealing purposes. You can even find slings or suspenders with the style to uphold the masculinity in place.

When can you wear g-string underwear?

G-Strings are novelties and must not be worn everywhere. Specifically made for the pleasure purposes, g-string expose more than the ordinary. However, there are brands which design styles especially made for the sporty purposes. Hence, this gives them the flexibility to wear them for romantic purposes or every day.

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