Thong Underwear for Men

Whether you call it feminine or absurd (like some people do), but history has always pointed out to men for being the first wearers of thong underwear. With a just a piece of fabric in the front (called as the pouch), everything else is just a matter of way to put forward the sex appeal on the next level. It won’t be wrong to state that men’s thong underwear is one of the sexiest underneath article.

Which is the perfect occasion for wearing thong underwear?

Thong underwear for men is versatile underneath articles that can be worn by every individual who likes to keep it bold. There is no class in particular defined as far as its users are concerned. It was a taboo initially, but, eventually, when men accepted the style, it was designed for the numerous purposes from every day to intimate purposes and more. You can even find products at Skiviez that are made for workouts.

Is it possible to wear the same outfit to your work, parties, family gatherings or even the romantic evenings? When that’s not possible, how can you wear the same pair of men’s underwear to every occasion. Even if you wear a thong underwear for work or gathering, it’s okay, but what about turning up an ill-fitted pair to a romantic evening, the consequences can be very fatal. The conventional tighty-whiteys is a reserved style for the office or parties where you need the support to be at its best. However, dates call for something more sensuous as well as sexy. In midst of so many different styles, men’s thong underwear is one that you can look up to for your pleasure needs.

With more than 15 brands offering their unique collection of thong underwear for men at Skiviez, you all have something for every personality and taste bud. Whether you are looking for the boost to your confidence level at an interview/board meeting or tantalize your partner’s senses with the pair that takes her breath away, there is a style of men’s thong available for all occasions. That’s not it! You can also have a pair of thong for your workouts as well as for perfect tanning beside the pool. Whether you call the style skimpy or sexy, it has the capability make you look and feel exotic with just the minimal fabric and a couple of strings that hold everything in one place.

Some of the types of thong underwear available at Skiviez can be considered as contemporary styles of thongs, g-strings (a branched out version of thongs), tangas, cheeky, sporty thongs and much more. Not only this, you can also grab the variety of pouch options, cuts, colors, coverage and designs by the brands.

The hot thongs for men are very comfortable and liberating, but not in the beginning. Hence, it is recommended that instead of going by looks, you start checking out the products, choose what makes you feel comfortable at first and then go for the fanciful ones. Refer to the size chart and select the one that fit your manhood.

Who can wear thong underwear?

Men in thong can grab all the attention around. The racy, sassy and ultra exotic of male thong underwear gives an alluring update to your looks. The high-rise cuts reveal and minimal fabric can reveal more than expected. So, men who feel the same about themselves and are ready to show off their assets in the best way possible, deserve the skimpy cuts of men’s thongs underwear. Just like g-strings or the sexy jockstraps, thongs is an ideal option for men who are adventurous and experiment with new styles. If you believe yourself to be sexy, the style is meant for you. Moreover, in case, you want to explore the feminine side of your personality, then, skimpy thongs are the easiest option available for men. With the ultra revealing styles and supportive options, male thong has taken the industry by storm.

Which brands will you find at skiviez?

Every man has his own personal favorite brand when it comes to fashion. Skiviez deals in over 50 reputed underwear brands. You can find your favorite brand at the site without a doubt. Having talked about the sexiest men’s underwear style men’s thong underwear and all about its construction, you must look at the popular brands that feature their assortments at Skiviez.

Let us have a look at some of the most popular brands offering sexy thong underwear for you to choose without any difficulty.

Agacio Thongs

The feminine style of thong blended with the masculine construction of the brand gives a contrasting combination. Agacio thong underwear provides a mixture of sex appeal along with basic functionality.

Cover Male Thongs

Cover Male thong excels in showcasing the kinky side your personality in a subtle way. The other factor that makes it a must-have is the high-quality fabric that wicks and keeps you dry and cozy.

Daddy Thongs

The luxurious fabric blended with LYCRA/spandex of Daddy thong underwear for men adds to the comfort and flexibility. The tiny pouch keeps the entire package together.

Daniel Alexander Thongs

What makes Daniel Alexander thong underwear different from others is the luxurious appeal and comfortable pouches. The on-trend style can dazzle your undergarment closet effortlessly.

Edipous Thongs

The seamless designs of Edipous thong underwear provides comfort to the butt as well as to the legs. It can help you get rid of the unwanted underwear line visible from your trouser and jeans.

Good Devil Thongs

Let your cat out with the devilish style of Good Devil thong underwear. The see-though fabric and revealing cuts of the skivvies can tease and tempt your partner at the date night.

Honcho Thongs

Honcho thong underwear is the newest update in the inventory of Skiviez. The anatomical pouch hugs the package and keeps them together.

Intymen Thongs

The enhancing contraption of Intymen thongs gives a notch sexier look to the fashion-forward male population. Along with sex appeal, it offer support and comfort to the genital.

Miami Jock Thongs

You just can’t help falling for the enticing collection of Miami Jock thong for men. Whether you are looking to flaunt your asset or you need to baffle your girl at the date night, this brand has got it all for you.

The brands like Obviously, Otzi, Kyle, Uzzi and a few more are the ones that focus on the comfort and the spaciousness of the manhood and hence, these brands design thongs with anatomical pouches that let the masculinity stay as it should without troubling it.

Thongs of Agacio, Intymen, Joe Snyder, Honcho, and others are the ones with a variety of enhancing techniques like hidden c-rings, thick outline piping, contouring pouch options and other contraptions that lift the manhood for a better visibility down there. These enhancing thong underwear styles are equally sensual, erotic as well as supportive.

At the same time, the thong underwear of the brands like Good Devil, Miami Jock, and others have a clear focus on the pleasure of the apparel style. Whether you seek inner confidence or playful moments while getting intimate with your partner, the thong underwear of these brands would help you express better with sheer, strings, straps, innovative pouch options and more.

What makes men’s thongs so special and popular?

Featuring a tiny pouch that holds the manhood and provides coverage (optional), a pair of male thong underwear also has an elastic waistband to hold the position right with a varied coverage in the rear that diminishes in the butt crack. You can find a lot of products that do not match the description because of the innovations added by the respective brands. Choose from our collection of thongs for men. Get you piece of men thong that fits you needs and wants.

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Men's Thongs

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Most recent review
I have normally M size and bought the L size of this one, PERFECT fit. These are excellent to start wearing thongs, so first timers, this is the one! Good quality, very good support and comfortable for all day use. The rise is perfect and invissible to see you're wearing a thong (wide waste band). You can feel sporty, comfy or sexy in this one, will buy more, much more of this one!
Most recent review
I'm of average size but I find the pouch a little tight. Otherwise good everyday undies.
Most recent review
Wasn't sure about these but after wearing all day they are pretty comfy, was looking for every day undies and after pushing everything through the ring thought these might be a miss. The advantage is that you can visit the John without unpacking everything. Maybe not the intended purpose but these are my first thongs with a fly to visit the restroom. Will wear a couple more times before deciding to stock up.
Most recent review
Might run a bit small or maybe I'm a bit wide. Bought these for the print and they don't disapoint. Great everyday undies.
Most recent review
Been wearing thongs for years and these are quite nice, love the color and the contrasting piping, skimpy enough for special occasions but enough coverage and comfort for everyday wear. The mesh isn't too transparent so you are not showing your assets but still breathable. The only thing I don't like about any mesh undies is that sometimes you can feel your glans rubbing on the fabric of your outerwear, not good if wearing jeans. But a quick adjustment fixes this.
Most recent review
Been wearing thongs since my teens, these are the first pair with a sheath for the penis, they fit well, if you are excited they almost feel like you are wearing a condom (not in a bad way). Maybe not the best choice for everyday wear, putting things away after a visit to the restroom can take a little longer then normal and if in public could raise eyebrows of those nearby. Overall quite satisfied.
Most recent review
When I wear this I don't feel like a good devil... I feel like a GREAT devil. ;) Comfy enough to be worn all day, or just for bedroom fun. Don't expect to use it for staying power though, unless you're as thick as a coke can, but it sure feels nice and looks sexy!
Most recent review
Love this one, love the look and the feel. Sheer is so sexy! Gives a great bulge look too. Another great offering from Skiviez!
Most recent review
Another fantastic product! It looks great and feels great. It's tight though, which I like, but if you're worried about that, consider ordering a size up. Definitely great to have in your collection!
Most recent review
Fantastic thong! It's soft and comfortable, and feels great wearing it all day... or just for an evening. ;) A great product!