Shop the exclusive assortment of male underwear at Skiviez. Men’s underwear is the most basic of a man’s clothing article and is responsible for keeping the privates safe, supported, protected and even enhanced for a better personality. Skiviez is a leading apparel store providing men with their basic necessity since the year 2000 and spreading awareness about the importance of underneath fashion through their products. The store offers the best of every style designed by the numerous popular underwear brands.

If you are a kind of personality who does not settle for anything but the best, the collection of men’s fashion underwear at Skiviez is meant just for you. Well, it takes an underwear fanatic to grab the best and most stylish pieces from the online store. Something from the conventional times when the underwear actually made its appearance to the modern times when less is more; the store has everything covered for you.

What styles does Skiviez have?

You name it and the online store has it for you when it comes to the styles offered. Let us look at the variety of men’s designer underwear styles available at the store.

Men’s briefs underwear is considered to be the most conventional style that offers unmatched fit and support to the manhood. Popular for the snug fit, briefs are short in terms of construction yet provides ample coverage down there without revealing any bit of the assets. Available in low-rise and mid-rise fits, you can find the one that matches your outfits.

The next in queue are the men’s boxer shorts which are preferred by men who are laid back and give priority to comfort and roominess/spaciousness in their underneath fashion. The loose structure with a lot of air passage on the legs is what you’ll find in boxer shorts. However, brands like Agacio craft boxer shorts with a body hugging feature for the added support.

Men’s boxer brief underwear is called to provide the best of both the worlds (briefs and boxer) and hence is called boxer brief. The exclusive support of briefs with the comfort of boxers. Men also prefer it because of the elongated and streamlined coverage. Often wore for workouts and light sports, the respective pair is extremely popular in the younger generation.

If you take a look at the men’s bikini underwear collection at Skiviez, you’ll realize that they are the shorter version of briefs and promote some skin show. Without failing you on the support end of the pouch, bikinis are also perfect to flaunt the cuts and abs of your chiseled body.

Jockstrap underwear for men has always been the rock solid kinds for the male anatomy. It surely reveals your seat for the viewers, but the pouch is tried and tested for the needed support and protection of the manhood. Wear them for sports like football, rugby, soccer and more where there are chances that you might end up hurting your manhood.

Thong underwear is supposed to be the most revolutionary apparel style, but it is the one that goes long back in the ancient times and was worn by men themselves. Just a single string passing through the butts and a functional (optional) pouch in the front as well as a thick/thin waistband, the style has nothing. The butts are bare and so is the manhood (sometimes) with no coverage in the rear as well. In continuation comes the collection of g-strings for men which are a look alike of the conventional thongs but are way skimpier than them. Smaller pouch, thinner string, and thin waistband are the aspects of the sexy underwear.

Last, but not the least is c-string for men that again called the type of thong, but the self-supportive pair doesn’t feature a waistband. It is more like a headband that sticks down there by sucking the manhood in the funnel-like pouch. It is the new generation style that prevents underwear lines to show from tight pants.

At Skiviez, you won’t just find the extended assortment of men’s underwear at the most affordable prices; you’ll be enrolled to grab pairs for every occasion from every day to parties, date nights, and so many more.

What brands does Skiviez feature?

Skiviez has a compilation of more than 60 well-known brands that not only specialize in offering men’s underwear or men’s swimwear; there are some which have the expertise in designing shapewear, sportswear as well as men’s socks. You’ll be able to find brands that feature pairs for every day as well as for parties, sports, gymming, romantic affairs and other occasions.

Our collection has something that you need whenever you are in doubt of what to wear. For example, if you feel like going commando, you can try out the Good Devil Thongs that feature minimal design and revealing features which make you come in contact with your masculinity as well as with the barely-there fabric, you’ll feel like you’re wearing nothing. Likewise, there’s something for every situation.

Some of the popular brands that you must look out for and their bestseller men’s underwear style available at the men’s apparel store are listed below. Care to check it out? Let’s take a look at them.

Calvin Klein Underwear is popular among the young and the old for its luxurious appeal and subtle looks. The remarkable brand’s bestseller assortment includes briefs and boxer brief underwear that goes all the way from basic to vibrant.

2xist Underwear is all about quality and style in their pairs of undergarments. The fashion underwear label features a lot of styles but the ones that are extremely popular are the collections of 2xist swimwear and jockstrap.

Agacio Underwear is considered as the brand “made by men for men” which works on providing the most comfortable feeling down there with undying support down there. With subtle to fashionable designs the enhancing underwear styles are the most popular and specifically Agacio briefs as well as the Agacio boxer briefs underwear.

C-IN2 Underwear known to provoke men to “see in to” (long for C-IN2) their underneath fashion and give the best to the male anatomy. The catalog offered by the brand includes a gamut of styles while the loved styles include low-rise briefs and boxer briefs.

Cover Male Underwear is known for the sassy and comfortable pairs of men’s sexy underwear it offers at Skiviez. Popular for the huge spectrum of colors it features, the hot-seller styles are Cover Male bikinis, thongs, and g-strings which are perfect for the first timers (comfortable) and a must have for personalities who seek something out-of-the-box.

Daniel Alexander Underwear just came in 2015 and became one of the most loved brands because of the comfortable and conventional appeal in all the styles. Starting from the tasteful bikinis to sensuously appealing thongs, every pair seems to be too luxurious to handle.

Good Devil Underwear is the sexiest of them all and the styles offered by the brand are groundbreaking and revolutionary. With all the pieces aiming at keeping you in touch with your masculinity, the use of sheer, open pouches and no fabric at all are some of the features of the brand. The bestseller assortments are Good Devil thongs, bikinis, g-strings and the only label to offer c-string underwear.

Intymen Underwear is extremely popular for the hidden secrets and the sporty apparel that every pair imbibes. Without fail, the brand makes sure that the support and sportiness of the pairs must not be compromised with. The hot selling styles are Intymen jockstraps, briefs and boxer briefs.

The pioneer name in the industry is the Joe Snyder Underwear that has been for men for decades and has not lost its charm and appeal. Known for the luxurious textured and colorful pieces, the styles that you must surely not miss are bikinis, thongs and Joe Snyder tangas.

Miami Jock Underwear is the one of the youngest, most erotic and outrageous brand at Skiviez. Known for all the harnesses, strings, straps and other accessories, the brand has something that attracts the adventurous personalities. Though there’s a lot to watch out for if you are looking for ways that can reveal your manhood in no time, the Miami Jock g-strings, jockstraps and briefs are a must have.

Well, there are many other brands available at which have their own unique and innovative collections, these surely are a must-have for you.

Fabrics to find at

When it comes to your underneath fashion, what matters the most is the kind of fabric you choose to get that specific feeling down there. The fabric is something that leads to the fit, feel and the overall comfort below the belt. Hence, it is one of the most important factors to look out for while choosing your favorite skivvies. At Skiviez, you’ll find a gamut of materials from the conventional to the ultra modern blends that have been brought forward by the luxurious names that we talked about above. The brands have been constantly working to provide the best feeling down there.

Let us look at some of the fabrics available at

a)Cotton: You surely would be in love with the way cotton makes you feel down there without irritating your skin and letting it breathe better. Treated in order to make it lightweight and more comfortable, brands use the variants such as Pima Cotton, Supima Cotton and more.

b)Nylon: The next most common fabric for the underneath fashion is nylon. Not as breathable as cotton, nylon surely adds to the comfort level with the lightweight properties. The fabric will last longer than cotton and is shrink resistant for all the good reasons.

c)Modal: More like cotton, brands like Agacio incorporate this fabric to keep the balance the comfort of the manhood and durability of the threads. It is breathable, soft to the touch but shrinks as cotton.

d)MicroModal: Made to enhance the qualities of modal, it is often combined with the microfibers which result in MicroModal. It makes the texture richer, shrink-resistant, fade-resistant and is an absolutely excellent sweat absorbent.

e)Polyester: Polyester is a popular fabric because of its characteristic traits like quick drying, durability and shrink-resistance and holds color well.

f)Spandex: Often known as Elastane or Lycra, spandex would be available in every pair because it provides the stretch to your legs. Available in waistbands and the coverage, spandex is an essential fabric for your flexibility.

g)Bamboo: One of the new ones in the industry, bamboo fabric is made from the bamboo pulp obtained from the plant. It is a good addition because of the antibacterial properties. In addition, the lightweight and the strength of the fiber helps your skivvy stay durable.

h)Microfiber: Often made with the combination of synthetic fibers such as nylon, polyester or polyamide are combined to attain the right comfort and moisture wicking features for the male anatomy.

Which is your favorite fabric of them all? You’re sure to find your definition of comfort from the fabrics mentioned above available at Skiviez.

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