With the changing trend in the men’s fashion industry, the underneath fashion has gone all the way from the basic functional styles of underwear to the ones that can give you a head-turner look. If you think that you have already tried all the varieties of fashion pieces that are meant for various occasions, then, you need to check out the collection of Skiviez. The inventory of the site never fails to surprise the modern and fashion-conscious men. The flag underwear is yet another innovation in men's underwear industry.

How is flag underwear different from it's other counterparts?

The styles and cuts of these underneath articles is similar to any other underwear available in your wardrobe. You will find the regular boxers and briefs in this category. The only point of difference is in the design patterns and prints. As the name suggets, the underneath clothings have the flags of various countries printed on them. The enticing graphic prints and the attention grabbing color combination can give you an alluring look, no matter the occasion. Right from the beach outings to the initmate date nights, these undies can give you an edgy look.

Have ever gone to the extent of trying on your country’s flag as your underneath fashion? Well, if not, then you should try the various styles of men’s flag underwear available at Skiviez.

What are the various styles of Flag underwear at the site?

Flag boxers

You can now flaunt your patriotism with ample comfort, support and  style. The long boxers, available at Skiviez, can help you show off your well-toned physique and cuts without revealing anything down there. The body hugging fit of the undergarment covers three-forth portion of your thighs. While the flags printed on them will give you an enticing look for the beach outing and pool parties.

Flag briefs

Like any other brief, the high rise cut of the flag brief underwear can get you ready for every occasion and event. The cozy fabric can keep you relaxed at your workplace while the laid back construction can help you spend some quality time with yourself. At the same time, the flag print all over can brighten up your everyday look.

Flag boxer briefs

The high-rise flag boxer briefs underwear can complete the wardrobe of the fashion forward guys. The larger front pouch allows your manhood to hang free. The basic styles can help you stay in trend without going over the board. At the same time, bright colors and the eye-catchy prints can tempt and tease.

Flag trunks

The flag trunk underwear can help you sport your patriotism as well as your sex appeal. The versatile assortment of trunks is not only a stylish underneath clothing option, but it can even be used a swimwear. With the conventional coverage and delectable fabric, the trunks can provide you with subtle style, best-ever support as well as head turning look.

At Skiviez, you will find a collection of men's underwear of the reputed manufacturers. The flag undies of brands like Mensuas, Pistol Pete and others can complete your underwear collection and take your style to the next level. Each and every piece in the inventory features the signature finishing of the respective brand. Moreover, they are crafted in high quality fabric composition that includes materials like cotton, polyester, nylon, polyamide, and other microfibers with limited blend of spandex. Men’s flag apparels offered at the men’s underwear store aim at motivating you to keep in touch with your patriotic spirit in the most basic and fashionable way possible. The assortment at Skiviez consists of numerous products that are fancy, sexy and very functional on the assets. If you take a look at the catalog, you’ll find all sorts of fashion underwear styles. The touch of contemporary designs can brighten up the traditional collection of men’s briefs and boxer brief underwear. The number of the tighty whiteys are lesser than boxer briefs, but the collection is surely worth the wear.

If you are someone who loves ample coverage and a streamlined fit on the legs, the boxer briefs in the catalog are what you must adopt whereas; the briefs are for guys who don’t like to carry a lot of fabric down there and settle for minimized coverage.

Coming to the most interesting part, i.e., the country prints found in the inventory. Every print is as unique as the country’s flag and hence looks absolutely handsome to be on your body. Some of the names include USA, Germany, France, Italy, Canada, Spain, China, Mexico, California, Puerto Rico, Europe, Texas, Great Britain, Australia, and many more. The pieces are versatile and can match the personality, taste and preference of every man. While some of them can be worn as men’s underwear, others feature a drawstring and make them apt for men’s swimwear purposes as well.

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Most recent review
I have never bought an underwear with a flag print. I saw an image of these and I thought they looked kind of sexy so I ordered just one pair to see how much I would like them. They fit and feel so comfortable, very soft material and hold everything up really well. I never figured I would spend this much on a pair of underwear as erotic as this one. Now I think I have been missing out on what really comfortable underwear feels like. It is not just the thong cut, but the flag print makes it even more sexy.
Most recent review
Wife loves them. First thong I’ve ever worn... Always wear boxer briefs or trunks. Pouch fits your junk like a glove. I didn’t wear them for very long, if you catch my drift!! Wore them out to dinner and didn’t find my self adjusting myself in the front at all. The back... took a lot getting used to (and I’m not sure I ever did). But, it wasn’t bc of a design flaw at all, it just felt different. Not getting rid of my starting lineup of boxer briefs but will definitely call up My Canuck Flag to catch her eye!
Most recent review
I actually bought the flag underwear for a college drama. So, I didn't have a lot of expectations from them. However, when I started using them I realized that these are more useful than I actually thought. They support my genitals well, I tried them for Gym as well, they are pretty good. The fabric also stays soft on the skin. Apart from that, the drawstring keeps the underwear in place. I'm happy that I invested on something which is worth the money.
Most recent review
When I change in the locker room at the gym everyone stands up, salutes, and starts singing "The Star Spangled Banner."
Most recent review
I like this short - I have the US flag design also. The cut is good and sexy.
Most recent review
I bought this 2 pack a month ago, but I'm not impressed. I like the material and quality, but the fit needs to be improved. I prefer my Jockey boxer briefs over these.
Most recent review
Product fit well looked good on . Fabric had s good feel very comfortable . She loved them didn’t stay on too long .......