Briefs are the most popular design of underwear amongst men. At Skiviez, you will find the widest range of your favorite underwear style. With more than 50 top designers in the assortment, the site offers a number of style and color combinations of briefs to the users. One of the primary reasons for briefs being so popular among men is the support that they provide to the wearer. This is the most basic design of underwear available in the market.

The briefs are a perfect option for all purpose, right from work to pleasure. You can pair them with all your outfit and flaunt your style. The briefs, at the site, are available in all masculine and exotic color combinations. The go-to underwear provides full coverage to your package and back. This makes the briefs a perfect choice for everyday wear. It offers immense support and comfort to the wearer.

The briefs are mainly categorized into three type, according to their cuts. They are low-rise, mid-rise and high-rise briefs.

The natural waistline of low-rise briefs just sits above the hipbone. Despite the sensual cut, the briefs provides complete coverage to the rare and front portion.

The high-rise briefs have a much more traditional look and feel. It’s waistband sits right below the belly button and covers you till the upper thighs. It is advisable to wear them with high-rise pants.

The natural waistline of the mid-rise briefs lies between the low-rise and high-rise briefs. It conviniently fits with all types of trousers, jeans and pants.

These designs of underwear are perfect for sports, workouts and other physical activity. The comfortable fabric of the underwear protects the most sensitive part of your body from chafing, irritation and rashes. The moisture wicking property of the briefs enables you to do your work the entire day without facing the problems related to sweat retention.

Skiviez has a brief style for guys of all type. There are so many options and colors available at the site that you can get the perfect one according to your personality. Check out all the styles and get the perfect one for you.

What brands to find at Skiviez for men’s briefs underwear?

The time has gone when men’s briefs underwear came to the mind and all one could imagine was a white pair of underwear loaded with fabric and snug fit. With the emergence of numerous functional and designer brands, Skiviez is proud to put forward a collection that goes all the way from classic to fun fashion and appealing to the eyes. With more than 30 brands offering their versions of the tighty whiteys, where else would you go to update your underneath fashion?

Skiviez is the men’s underwear store that features pieces that are an upgraded version of the conventional style as well as those which are nothing like old-school or traditional. There’s something for every man from the fabrics that cover just the necessary to what calls for extra support down there. The brands at Skiviez have got your butts covered for the better and the worse.

Every label at the store has its own interpretation of men’s briefs and cover the gamut of fabrics, colors, cuts and designs in order to provide the best to you. Some of the most popular names available in the inventory are Agacio, 2xist, C-IN2, Calvin Klein, Otzi, Edipous, Intymen, Mensuas, Marcuse, ManView and many more are the ones which you can trust for everyday schedules where support should be unmatched and so is the comfort level. Names like Good Devil, Miami Jock, Candyman, Vuthy, PetitQ, and PPU are the ones which can be blindly trusted when you have to make a mark in your intimate life.

Who must wear brief underwear?

Men’s brief underwear is a men’s underwear that any kind of guy can wear and must wear for its unmatched support and snug fit. The men’s underwear style has been passed on from generations to generations and has been accepted by all age groups for its luxurious appeal and overloaded fabric composition. Men who desire comfort all day without a lot of adjustments below the belt.

What are the basic details of men’s briefs?

The basic details of the traditional men’s fashion underwear style are ample fabric both in the front and rear. Featuring a visible elastic waistband and a snug fit pouch (in some products you’d find contour pouch options).

When can you wear brief underwear?

Briefs for men can be worn anytime of the year and for any occasion. Not talking specifically about the tighty whiteys, but referring to the modern ones available at the men’s underwear online store. From your desk job to the field job as well as to parties, meetings, dates and more.

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