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Tips to make your Men’s Underwear Style last Longer

As tricky as it is to think about buying from the various men’s underwear styles, it is also confusing how to keep them last longer with us. Don’t you think so? They are bought, worn for like hundreds of times and then they are either the dusting rag or probably in worse case scenarios find their way to the dustbin. Whether it is the facts about your male anatomy or about the clothes for the same, who doesn’t desire it to be in the good shape.

It is the high time when we understand the true worth of spending money on your underneath fashion and get to experience the luxury for a while and then it is time to switch to the next one. However, we’ve compiled a few tips that can make your designer underwear last longer than you think it would.

Go gentle on the pairs

You might some XYZ detergent for your outfits because they make your clothes shine like they’re new. However, little did you know that outfits are made with stronger fabric that takes the time to wear and tear. Hence, your sheer underwear or conventional briefs being lightweight as well as tiny fall apart when you throw them all together in the machine. Use a gentle detergent to soak the pairs and then opt for gently rubbing them with hands. Being gentle, the fabric will not get affected and keep the threads together.

Avoid wearing them every alternate time as well as at a stretch of two or more days

Have you ever noticed that when you don’t change your fashion underwear for two or more days, there seems to be a certain patch on the fabric where your shaft ends? Well, that is your body fluid which passes through and stays on the pouch. Hence, it gradually fades the fabric and also speeds up the tearing process. Another angle to it would be, when you wear your skimpy apparel styles like thong underwear or men’s bikinis too often, you got to wash them frequently. So, the fabric is pushed to die out sooner than you think.

Do not throw them in the dryer

The dryer of the washing machine is like throwing yourself into a pit where your bones are crushed. The same happens when you throw your unmentionables in the dryer and let them go through the push and pull which results in loose threads. Hence, loose threads are easily torn apart. In addition, it also snatches away the smoothness of the fabric which in turn leaves rashes on your body.

Abstain from bleach

Bleach is a chemical that is used to whiten the fabric. However, the side effect of the same is that it leaves the fabric weak over time. If you need the extra disinfecting power of bleach, keep usage to every other wash to keep your underwear in tip-top condition.

With these things kept in mind, you can make your undergarments durable and appealing.

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