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Attention! Here’s When you need to Replace your Underwear

Underwear is an essential part of the day to day life. It protects us from the various problems like infections, dangling feeling, awkward moments and much more. So, when we say that, an underwear is important, it doesn't mean that you should buy a branded one and preserve them for three to four years. The inner wear should be replaced regularly with new ones to avoid unwanted health problems or infections. It’s true that they do not come with an expiration date, but according to a scientific study, the undergarments are to be replaced at least once in a year. Additionally, if you are not good at counting or remembering the time period then below listed are some of the signs and reasons that indicates a change. Read on to find out.

1.When you start seeing underwear holes.

underwear holesContinuous usage and washes makes the material very soft. Each time you stretch yourself, the fabric gets damaged down there which are prone to tiny holes in the garment. This indicates that it's time to visit the local store or online shopping websites for new bunches.

2.When the waistbands starts to ride down the butt crack line.

waistbands starts to ride down the buttUsually, you do not face this problem in a branded underwear for men because they use quality waistbands. However, some of them which are not up to the mark tends to lose its life after some six to seven months. They become sloppy which can cause embarrassments like pulling up the pants in public. This is the second sign of change.

3.You start developing infections on your groin area.

infections on your groin areaNo one can deny the fact that the old underwear gives the best comfort as it becomes soft after repeated washes but it has equal side effects as well. Many experts have proved the fact that the usage of the same underwear for years are prone to fungal infections. So, with the comfort, you are inviting problems as well. Dr. Lisa Ackerley, professor of environmental health at the University of Salford, stated that underwear should be changed every day while replacing them every year as well. She also suggested similar items that should be updated on regular basis.

4.The underwear is filled with dirty stains.

dirty stainsUndergarment stains are very common but, they can be embarrassing when you wear the same for hot date nights. Obviously, you won't! What if you partner drops in suddenly while you are relaxing at your home? I don’t think that she’ll love to see the stains when you guys will be getting naughty.

Apart from this, the discolorations are disgusting as they give a dirty look to the overall attire. Clean attires keep your intimate area protected, clean while making you feel fresh as well.

5.Upgrade to new styles

Now, this a valid point right? With the enormous development of men's underwear styles, it is fun to switch to new fashionable styles rather than sticking to the same tighty-whities. Though, they don't look the same as your old briefs but, none of them compromise on the comfort and support. Hence, you can refresh your closet to new varieties and get the best of men’s fashion.

Above are some of the signs which indicates that it’s the right time to change the undergarments. Keep it as a rule to change the articles at least once in a year. You can gift yourself a pair on regular intervals to keep yourself updated with the fashion and yes, to avoid embarrassments as well.

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