Cover Male Men’s Boxer Shorts

Cover Male’s most popular and stylish collection of men’s underwear is its skimpy yet comfortable range of boxer shorts for men. The brand has put in detailed attention to the designing by featuring high side cuts that guarantees ultimate freedom of movement while exercising or during any physical activity. The sleek fit stretches with overlapping leg openings that attach at a single point on the sides of the waistband.  

In addition to its being so fashion friendly, Cover Male range of Boxer Shorts can also be used for sporty purposes. These running shorts are sporty in nature and can even be teamed up with any supportive underwear.

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Cover Male Men's Boxer Shorts

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Most recent review
These would really look and feel good as a longer boxer brief. They are comfortable and I like them as they are but would love them if the legs were left like longer
Most recent review
The Otzi Artica adventure Boxer Trunk is my favorite now. I didn't want to write the whole product name but I'm so much in love with these that I had to write them. I started wearing them several months ago, one of my friends advised me that they provided a better enhancement. I'm so glad that I tried these.The material is also provides a snug-fit . The pouch print adds fun to the underwear collection. Apart from the above benefits, my wife to see me in them.
Most recent review
This is my fourth purchase of this model from Mensuas. I earlier bought one of these in plain colors without any prints and I became so fond of them that I have started ordering the same piece in different colors and prints. It provides a great fit and comfort. It also allows to flaunt my well-chiseled body. These prints are very attractive and does not fade away after consecutive washes. This was not expected at all which has impressed me like hell. This is not available in other brands. Good job guys!
Most recent review
I bought these for a soccer match that we had at our college. The trunks provided a good support down there while the fabric was breathable. However, I wear them gym as well as the pouch at the front provides enough support. Just buy! You won't regret it. Nor will you look at other underwear the same way ever again.
Most recent review
I love the construction of this underwear! It feels very comfortable and fits nicely on my body. It puts my package in a very comfortable position that feels great when wearing it. The fabric feels soft and breathable on my body as well. I would definitely buy this underwear again. But I hope that I receive them faster this time. Please have a look at the delivery.
Most recent review
These boxer trunks fit great. It feels awesome when I slip into these. And I'm happy to notice that they come in different piping deigns other than the funky prints which looks more of the girly type. I thought that it would be a little more lengthy but thank god, they are not. I would definitely recommend these to everyone who expect nothing other than comfort when it comes to undergarments. Good Job guys!
Most recent review
I recently bought this pair of briefs by Intymen because I really like what the brand offers in its styles. This in specific has a a pouch that keeps my junk in way that it looks protruded but at the same time keeps it on the low. The masculine design is really fancy and the short design keeps it from bunching in one place. My wife loves it.
Most recent review
The mesh trunk is a good concept by the brand. I remember long back when I was a kid, I used to undergarments that do not provide any breathability, they used to stick to the skin that would make me feel uncomfortable down there. I guess, this mesh is a solution to the uneasy days. The fabric fans away the sweat down there which keeps my assets dry and ventilated down there. Sometimes, I wear them for lounging at home. These literally feels like air conditioners down there.
Most recent review
After trying the Agacio brand I have continued buying this brand. Not only it has cool styling it feels next-to-naked comfortable and supports the boys with tons of freedom but last through multiple washings with months of wear. This is my permanent go-to underwear.
Most recent review
These boxer trunks provides the needed support to my package during the workouts. The fabric is quite soft and breathable which impressed me. Thinking of buying the same in different colors.