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Do women like Thongs on Men? – Why do they love them?

Have you ever asked this question yourself before? This came to my mind when I was reading a thread on Quora about women’s reaction to men wearing mens thong underwear. I found a lot of similar questions where both men and women pooled in their respective point of views. While some found the idea “disgusting”, the other sportingly took it is as “personal choice”. Some considered the men’s underwear style feminine and consider mens briefs or boxer brief underwear in the ideal style.

Though there are numerous underwear habits that women or partners don’t like, wearing mens thongs isn’t the one to be general. Hence, if you really want to raise the bar of your happiness and see why women love the exotic underwear style, this is the place for you.

Mens thongs turn them on

Do you know how much minimal you go, the sexier you look works? That’s exactly what this aspect means. I went ahead asking some of my friends and their partner’s reactions on them wearing the thongs for men. They all had mixed reactions to the same where some of them had quit wearing thong underwear for men while others accepted the mens sexy underwear style to be their only wear. They were very passionate about stating their point that their partners love the actual feel and appeal of the same on them. When it comes to women liking mens thongs, the skimpy underwear coverage is one of the biggest factors that act as a turn on. Well, that’s exactly how men react to women’s thongs as well. In addition to this, the fabrics and the designs incorporated in thongs for men are also beneficial. For example, thongs made in sheer underwear fabric or lace underwear fabric with cut-outs in places that make the pieces even more tempting. As a result, the allure is all you have.

Thongs for men are the absolute symbol of sexiness

You got to try thongs before you die. Well, thongs for men are absolutely the sexiest mens underwear style and so are the other variants that are available in the mens underwear industry. Be it g-strings for men, c-strings, Brazilian cuts and others, you cannot deny the fact that they’re all about being sexy and hot. An absolute symbol of sexiness, the mens thongs makes sure that your personality comes across as a pleasing one with a revealing structure of the apparel that strikes the senses and appeals the eyes. It is a matter of the first impression and when it comes to women liking men in thongs, the first impression is stunning and scintillating for sure.

Mens thongs are a source of pleasure

You know how it is when it comes to getting cozy with your partner between the sheets. While women love pleasure and everything that gives them some, with thongs for men women come in contact while touching with the deepest places that are generally a little difficult in designer underwear styles like boxer brief underwear or anything that has a lot of fabric. With them, caressing and touching and fondling the groin area or the back is somewhat not possible. On the other hand, thong underwear for men is made for playfulness, naughtiness and lots of pleasure. With these, you can actually go ahead exploring places that are supposed to give a push to the adrenaline rush in the body while you are exploring each other to the deepest.

Mens Thongs are a visual Treat

The first thing that makes a woman love something in their eyes. Till the moment they won’t see men in thongs or find the same attractive, things won’t work out for you. When you really can’t have fun literally, you can always let the eyes do the work. Hence, if you really want to tempt someone with the best, thongs for men would do your work to the best. The construction is appealing to the eyes while providing the needed or no support at all. All you got to do here is that choose mens thong underwear that is visually appealing to you in terms of color, cuts, fabrics and much more. For example, if I were to want my partner to love me in my thongs for men, I would want to go for sheer thongs by brands like Cover Male or Good Devil in colors like red or black with a pouch that keeps the focus where it needs to be.

Agacio Thong

Do you as a woman loves thongs on men? Or do your partners love you (men) wearing it? Let us know below. You can also checkout the best thong underwear style that attract women's here

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2 thoughts on “Do women like Thongs on Men? – Why do they love them?

  1. avatar Isabel Cumming says:

    As an Aussie girl I must say, yes, I love to see a confident, fairly fit bloke in a thong on the beach. I’m 34 now and my husband still loves me in a thong on the beach, in fact it’s my standard undergear now. I got him into wearing first a thong suit, then a pouch which is really small and after some initial shocked reactions from our friends they totally accept our choice of minimal swimwear. Wearing such a tiny suit also encourages him to keep in shape which is all good!

  2. avatar Todd says:

    I prefer a skimpier g-string. I am a bodybuilder with no body hair and love the feel of the material on smooth skin.

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