If you want to look sexy and cover up as little as possible then the minimalist line of PetitQ is for you. Leave very little to the imagination with PetitQ and their bare all line of men’s underwear. The cutting edge men’s apparel brand offers an innovative assortment of men’s thongs underwear with styles such as Jockstraps, Boxer Briefs, Briefs, Thongs, Bikinis, C-rings and Harnesses.

Let s look at some of the unique aspects of thongs for men by PetitQ.

Innovative pouches: From sexy to outrageous and very erotic is the assortment of pouch options available at Skiviez. PetitQ designers are very well versed in playing with strings, straps, open pouches and more. Sheer, mesh, one leg covering and more are there for the variety of taste buds.

Designs: Very popular for bringing the sexy back to the forefront, the brand has a plethora of options where you have no pouch, no covering on either side of leg, overlapping fabric designs in the pouch and many more. Choose what appeals your eyes.

Fabrics: The assortment of fabrics is available in great variety to match the unique taste and likes of modern men. From solids to prints, everything is available in high quality fabrics including sheer and mesh that tantalize the taste buds yet keep your manhood at comfort.

These aspects are some of the many offered in the assortment of thongs for men by PetitQ at skiviez.com, you can check out the rest at the online store.

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PetitQ Men's Thongs

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➤  Top Rated Underwear
Most recent review
These are great! Holds you down enough to wear under pants but sexy enough to show off your package.
Most recent review
Wow, amazing thong. Holds you out so hard to wear under dress pants but great to wear in the bedroom.
# 3 Top Rated
Most recent review
I love the overall Otzi design aesthetic and that they always use cotton. These are no exception. My only wish would be a little more room in the front. Otherwise, these are great! They do a very comfortable thong.
Most recent review
Comfortable nearly there feeling. Love the feel of the material. Great for everyday.
Most recent review
Very comfortable. Love the minimal pouch. It hold the goods in nicely. Feels like you are not wearing anything.
# 6 Top Rated
Most recent review
Well I love this particular thong a lot I just wish Kyle had more variety as to colors that would be the best so I could have the same thong in different designs but what I love the most is the material and fabric they use it feels great on the genitals nice and smooth
Most recent review
Would highly recommend particularly for sleeping in. Contours the package nicely and the very slim back makes it feel like you're not wearing anything while still having that desired support.
# 8 Top Rated
Most recent review
These feel so awesome that you will want to wear them all time. I bought two pairs, one white, one black.  Very comfortable!
Most recent review
I recommend them so comfortable like wearing nothing with the see thru on the package my wife love it. She gets hot when she sees me.
Most recent review
If you are looking for the best support in less fabric then you should opt for this. They are comfortable, they support you well and you will get a compliment from your lady love. :P it's my personal experience. :)