Jor Men’s Thong Underwear is bursting with colors, patterns and designs that are guaranteed to get you noticed. Men’s Thong Underwear by the brand features a variety of fabrics, including lightweight stretch microfiber and stretch cotton, and comes in a great selection of vivid prints. The collection is aimed at offering extreme comfort and offers a confident look to the wearer.

Whether you go for an eye-catching design or pattern in your underwear or a bright red mesh look, Jor Thongs can provide you what actually you are looking for.

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Jor Men's Thongs

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Confortable, the material is light, the pouch is confortable and the design is nice. You can wear it all days
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Most recent review
I just added this thong to my collection and it is quickly becoming one of my favorite things! Great fit and feel. It is so comfortable you can wear it all day long!
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Most recent review
mesh bottom and i would recommend a size down from the size chart
# 9 Top Rated
Most recent review
I purchased these thongs in large part due to the fabric composition. The fabric is so soft ,you may forget you are wearing them! The pouch is generous for those who need extra room for their package ,but is not contouring or lifting. The material between the legs is just wide enough to be comfortable for extended wear. I would recommend these !
Most recent review
I love anything David Alexander! These feel amazing on. I will get more DA thongs and gstrings.