The ‘oh so soft’ men’s underwear brand Daniel Alexander is highly popular among men for the luxurious appeal it offers in the entire range of apparel plus the sexy, exotic cuts as well. The label has a sensuous line of men’s fashion underwear styles such as boxer briefs, bikinis, thongs, boxer shorts and g-strings. The range of men’s thong underwear by Daniel Alexander is tiny, erotic and very appealing to the eyes.

Let us look at some of the styles it offers in the entire range.

Daniel Alexander Thong: The conventional assortment of thongs for men by the label is smooth, sexy and covers more skin than the other styles. The snug fit appearance tones the appearance of your body by providing the desired coverage where you need it the most.

Daniel Alexander Freedom Bikini: With same smooth fabric appeal, the high cuts expose more skin than the conventional style and reveals more about your personality. The pouch holds the package well, making it visible with side cuts.

Daniel Alexander Protrude Pouch Thong: With the pouch being the center of focus in this assortment, the Protrude Pouch thong has an enhancing pouch that lifts the package well and enhances the profile on the whole as well.

These are the styles offered in the assortment of thongs for men by Daniel Alexander at

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Daniel Alexander Men's Thongs

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Most recent review
Wow this is one sexy string you guys need to soon as I put these on I had an instant erection....I just wish it was all mesh....very sexy g string
# 2 Top Rated
Most recent review
Less material than my other pair but good quality and material feel nice. Recommend
Most recent review
Excellent fit. Probably ordering more.
Most recent review
Well what can I say another sexy thong! I love all your guys thongs I wear them daily and would not wear nothing else!
# 5 Top Rated
Most recent review
After trying many different styles and fits, the feel fek006 has to be one of the most comfortable and trendy male thongs I have found. The build quality could be a little better as I have found a few to come unstiched in a few places, also the pouch can be a little on the small side, overall its a nice comfy fit that can be worn all day, looks cool, doesn't sit high exposing whale tails and very supportive. With a natural lift in the pouch it does give the appearance of a larger package.
Most recent review
Perfect fit, nice pouch size as compared to other micro thongs.
Most recent review
These are great for my fellatrix wife's sucking pleasure. One time she gave me head in these by the window after a two week business trip. I'm looking out as cars drive by and people walk past while I'm received the sweetest of fellatio from my smoking hot blondie! She licks, sucks, nibbles, and gobbles. She holds her double a's together and I erupt 14 days worth of white hot jizz all over her pretty spurt, two spurts, three. She smiles her sexy smile and knows that I'll be tongue deep with her legs wrapped around my face tonight! I love my MJ's.
Most recent review
My wife and I were making a long late night drive to a neighbouring city and she like to make things a little hot. So I'm wearing my slip thong and she unzips me, pulls me out, and starts playing with it. She starts licking it from base to head and I'm rock hard. So I pull over to the rest stop and thankfully no one else is around. We go inside the men's room, lock the door and I set her up on the counter as we french kiss each other and she pulls out her boobs so I can suck them. She props her legs up on the wall and I lift up her shorty dress and bury my face into her blond well trimmed pussy! When she's wetter I slide my rock hard into her with my pants still on and my cock sticking out through the zipper. After much pumping I shoot my hot jizz into her and then get down on my knees and lick her clean while she holds my head. We then meet for a sweet cum kiss. I love the sexiness of my slip thong and how they keep my wife's motor humming!
Most recent review
Best ever thong!!! Keeps everything in place and very comfy material! Bulge space could be a little bigger, and hole in the front is not necessary!
Most recent review
I like them a lot. Great look and perfect fit.