Miami Jock Men’s Jockstraps Underwear 

If you are a guy who is passionate about sexuality and intensity, Men’s Jockstrap Underwear by Miami Jock gives you the opportunity to dress up and accentuate what you have. 

Visually appealing and fashionably stylish, Men’s Jockstrap underwear makes you feel fabulous while looking great. Crafted with high quality fabrics, Men’s Jockstrap by Miami Jock offers the right fit, appeal, comfort and functionality.  

So, brighten up your wardrobe with the revealing collection of Jockstraps by Miami Jock available at The sexy and playful collection by the brand has something for every personality.

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Miami Jock Men's Jockstraps

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This jock is extremely comfortable and it is as if you have nothing on. Really like the softness of the pouch and the easy access it provides.
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That’s a gorgeous cock and nice ass.
Most recent review
daddy really likes these, very sexy and fits well.
Most recent review
daddy really liked these, very sexy
Most recent review
Whenever my wife has a cock craving I slip on this jockstrap. One time she got down to her booty shorts and knelt before me in my office chair. I unzipped my jeans and she got a peek of the turquoise fabric and she said 'My wet pussy aches for it.' And once I popped my semi-erect cock out she said, 'My moist mouth lusts for it.' She slowly licked up the underside of my shaft. Once, twice, three times...and my hardness was building. She took slow, steady slurps on the purple head. And then she took my bulging member into her warm, hungry mouth, an inch at a time until her mouth was full. She would look up at me with her fellatio eyes full of lust, greed, and desire as she licked, sucked, and devoured. Then she spent gave some attention to my balls while she stroked my raging hard-on. She had her full mouth wrapped around my manhood when I erupted. It was a sweet release for both of us. She shamelessly swallowed my spunk. 'That was some sweet fellatio, sweetie.' 'For both of us!'
Most recent review
My wife was ready for a night of fun and had her long sexy legs spread on the bed in nothing but her black crotchless panties on. Her titties looked so perky. I was wearing only my GD jockstrap. 'I love that one baby, because I have such easy access if I wanna wrap my tongue around it.' We started kissing and groping and in no time I had my tongue buried between her long sexy gams. Then I got on my back and she slid her pussy down onto my tongue. She loved to ride it front ways and back ways. Today she sat down on it with her face toward my feet. As she bounced on my tongue I could feel her pull down my jockstrap and she started to stroke my meat pole. Within minutes she had an orgasm or two and I couldn't hold off any longer and I spewed a long, hot stream. When she turned around to let me see her perky titties were covered in my hot creamy spunk. 'Great handjob, sweetie.' 'Great muff diving, stud!'
Most recent review
Nothing like a comfy jockstrap to spend the day in
Most recent review
Don’t even know you’re wearing undies. But when you drop your pants.. wow
Most recent review
Great fit and super comfortable sexy feely
Most recent review
I was losing at sexy Monopoly. I was down to my CM reds she finally landed on Boardwalk with a hotel. She didn't have $2000 in her pile and was down to her naughty knickers. 'How about you let this one go, sweetie' and she pulled out my raging hard-on from my CM reds and started stroking it. 'An oral favour and I stay on Boardwalk for free? It looks so suckable, so mouth-watering, so juicy.' She got down on her knees and continued to stroke the shaft and lick the head like an ice cream cone. Then she tongued my balls and slurped the length of my shaft. She wrapped her sweet, succulent lips around my meat stick and took it deep into her mouth. I loved to watch her kneel and bob! We both knew an eruption was coming so she opened wide while I shot a steady stream into her sexy mouth. She took a selfie with my cock in her hand and some spunk on her gorgeous lips and titties. Little did I know that owning Boardwalk and a pair of CM reds would end in such sweet fellatio!