Joe Snyder Men’s Jockstrap Underwear 

Joe Snyder Jockstrap underwear is for men who like to look sexy and admired by all. The Jockstrap rear offers minimum coverage for your cheeks while the narrow waistband continues in the design. The supportive front pouch has a cupping action that lifts and enhances your package for a comfortable yet enticing fit. The underwear style is great for wearing under tight fitting clothes as there is no bunching up of fabric.

The soft and stretchy qualities of the fabric are lightweight and comfortable to wear daily both in and out of water. Excellent quality of fabric with durable stitching and attention in detail throughout makes the style so popular for comfort purposes.

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Men's Jockstraps

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Fabric is amazing so soft! I love this one pouch fits great, feels like you’re wearing nothing! It doesnt ride up or slide down(which I thought it might) wear it everyday or to the gym!
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Most recent review
Super hot erotic jock! Looks hot with my harness and leather vest...
Most recent review
Wonderful jock, works great in the gym or just casual wear, luv the colours
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Beautiful jock! Enhances my package and is so hot looking, luv it!
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Without sounded crude. Dirty I know, I can imagine being turned on and becoming erect wearing these sexy little fuckers, mmmmm
# 10 Top Rated
Most recent review
ONE OF THE COMFIEST pair I own. The coton and spandex blend is perfection. This whole purchase I did, every single pair I bought, HEAVEN. Always go for 100% coton or 95% coton and 5% spandex. I find that spandex should be under 10% for maximum comfort.