Cover Male Men’s G Strings Underwear 

Cover Male G strings offer you one of the sexiest ways to let men flaunt their assets. The lesser use of fabric in G strings offered by the brand feels light weight and airy. 

The different aspects of Cover Male G string underwear are- 

Serve you taste buds with the tempting collection of G strings from Cover Male that will surely let you stay confident amongst your followers.

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Cover Male Men's G-Strings

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Most recent review
I like this product. It is the perfect fit.
Most recent review
So comfortable that I now sleep wearing it.
Most recent review
These are the best. Finally a pair that will hold it all!!! They are very comfortable all day..
Most recent review
Nice material, comfortable. Pouch is on the smaller side - if averagely endowed might require a few wears / washes and get a bit of stretch in the pouch so it can cover you entirely down there
Most recent review
One of the most comfortable pair I have every brought, and I have tried every brand they have, would buy them again.
Most recent review
Snug and cute, the lace really made me feel sexy!!!!!!!
Most recent review
The beauty of MJ's is that my fellatrix hottie doesn't have to mess around with these. She doesn't have to wait but can have my rock hard cock in her wanting mouth instantly. She can come home from work tired but I can be stretched out on the bed with my MJ's on and she is instantly reenergized or should I say reenerjizzed! She'll take a few licks of my member to get me hard and then she climbs aboard for the ride of our lives! After she orgasms she buries her face and my lap and soon her mouth is filled with my warm jism. She plays with it in her mouth for a while and then gulps it down for my viewing pleasure. My hot leggy beauty loves how my MJ's displays my delicious rock hard!
Most recent review
This product looks great and feels great.
Most recent review
This is one of the most comfortable g strings that I have ever worn. The pouch is supportive and it just feels right and good
Most recent review
The pouch is quite large, if you are a ‘show’er or have large balls these will be great!