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Mensuas Men's Flag

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Most recent review
I have never bought an underwear with a flag print. I saw an image of these and I thought they looked kind of sexy so I ordered just one pair to see how much I would like them. They fit and feel so comfortable, very soft material and hold everything up really well. I never figured I would spend this much on a pair of underwear as erotic as this one. Now I think I have been missing out on what really comfortable underwear feels like. It is not just the thong cut, but the flag print makes it even more sexy.
Most recent review
Wife loves them. First thong I’ve ever worn... Always wear boxer briefs or trunks. Pouch fits your junk like a glove. I didn’t wear them for very long, if you catch my drift!! Wore them out to dinner and didn’t find my self adjusting myself in the front at all. The back... took a lot getting used to (and I’m not sure I ever did). But, it wasn’t bc of a design flaw at all, it just felt different. Not getting rid of my starting lineup of boxer briefs but will definitely call up My Canuck Flag to catch her eye!
Most recent review
I actually bought the flag underwear for a college drama. So, I didn't have a lot of expectations from them. However, when I started using them I realized that these are more useful than I actually thought. They support my genitals well, I tried them for Gym as well, they are pretty good. The fabric also stays soft on the skin. Apart from that, the drawstring keeps the underwear in place. I'm happy that I invested on something which is worth the money.
Most recent review
When I change in the locker room at the gym everyone stands up, salutes, and starts singing "The Star Spangled Banner."
Most recent review
I like this short - I have the US flag design also. The cut is good and sexy.
Most recent review
I bought this 2 pack a month ago, but I'm not impressed. I like the material and quality, but the fit needs to be improved. I prefer my Jockey boxer briefs over these.
Most recent review
Product fit well looked good on . Fabric had s good feel very comfortable . She loved them didn’t stay on too long .......