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Tulio Men's Boxer Shorts

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$22.50 $30.00
➤  Top Rated Underwear
Most recent review
Great product. I am a fan of Agacio underwear. The fit is perfect and the feel is nice. The sale price was perfect. You should have more sales of boxer briefs.
Most recent review
Feel give you the awesome feel. Best underwear for everyday use. These are fantastic!
Most recent review
Nice one, fit well, comfortable, pouch gives your package a slight boost, helps prevent rubbing and chafing.
# 4 Top Rated
Most recent review
The mesh fabric is indeed a helpful fabric that keeps the assets a lot cooler than they would be in the solid fabric. This product does the same for you with best of support and lots of fabric down there.
Most recent review
I had heard that sheer makes things more exciting and that's when I picked this pair for my next date encounter with my girlfriend. She was head over heels for what I had in the pants and made sure I didn't leave the entire night. That was when I had a raunchy and racy time with her and all thanks to this trunk.
Most recent review
These would really look and feel good as a longer boxer brief. They are comfortable and I like them as they are but would love them if the legs were left like longer
Most recent review
Sporty it is!! Supportive it is!! Pistol Pete it is!!
Most recent review
Good, basic underwear with the sexy red color for everyday wear. Very fancy and appealing and quite comfortable. Even though I'm more concerned with fit and comfort, I am delighted to have this in my closet. Thanks Pistol Pete!!
Most recent review
The Otzi Artica adventure Boxer Trunk is my favorite now. I didn't want to write the whole product name but I'm so much in love with these that I had to write them. I started wearing them several months ago, one of my friends advised me that they provided a better enhancement. I'm so glad that I tried these.The material is also provides a snug-fit . The pouch print adds fun to the underwear collection. Apart from the above benefits, my wife to see me in them.
Most recent review
This is my fourth purchase of this model from Mensuas. I earlier bought one of these in plain colors without any prints and I became so fond of them that I have started ordering the same piece in different colors and prints. It provides a great fit and comfort. It also allows to flaunt my well-chiseled body. These prints are very attractive and does not fade away after consecutive washes. This was not expected at all which has impressed me like hell. This is not available in other brands. Good job guys!