Cover Male Men’s Boxer Shorts

Cover Male’s most popular and stylish collection of men’s underwear is its skimpy yet comfortable range of boxer shorts for men. The brand has put in detailed attention to the designing by featuring high side cuts that guarantees ultimate freedom of movement while exercising or during any physical activity. The sleek fit stretches with overlapping leg openings that attach at a single point on the sides of the waistband.  

In addition to its being so fashion friendly, Cover Male range of Boxer Shorts can also be used for sporty purposes. These running shorts are sporty in nature and can even be teamed up with any supportive underwear.

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Cover Male Men's Boxer Shorts

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Most recent review
These are Great! Very comfortable! I'll be ordering several more pair.
Most recent review
comfortable, although the pouch was smaller than what is preferred by myself and not as pronounced as some of the styles you carry.
Most recent review
Very comfortable, I wish the pouch was fuller and more roomier
Most recent review
Looks awesome! Arrived promptly too!
Most recent review
Snug and sexy. These make me feel very secure and ready for whatever activities may come my way.
Most recent review
Love these... my cock and balls have never been held so great! Helps my bulge in my jeans jut out more. I ordered a size down for a better fit.
Most recent review
I love these shorts! My package is held nicely and looks like a million bucks! The pouch does not start to give midway through the day like some other shorts have done to me, causing my nut sack to stick to my thighs... Wife loves the undies as well. Says she can't wait till I come in the door at the end of the day to assist me in taking them off!
Most recent review
Really comfortable, well made, and the cut is awesome. Shows the forms extremely well.
Most recent review
These boxers are really, really terrific. The material is soft and sexy and the fit is great. They're also very flattering-I mean like SERIOUSLY flattering with their enhancing pouch. They look absolutely amazing when you slip them on. I was concerned when I purchased these, that the stripes were going to be too transparent, but they are only slightly so and not enough to be annoying. I highly recommend these.
Most recent review
This fits great around my junk and holds it where it needs to be, but at the same time, showing it off under my dress pants, making a bump where it used to be flat. I've noticed that I'm being checked out more than I used to be.