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Clever Men's Boxer Shorts

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$17.99 $19.99
Based on 1 reviews.
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Most recent review
This is the first time I have purchased this brand. Wow - they are so comfortable. I have received many comments on the fit!
Most recent review
The pouch provides a good amount of space so that it grabs all the right places without applying to much pressure. The fabric is awesome, its soft and holds up in the wash. I own several covermale products with the same pouch and i love them all. Overall i would say these are my favorite. I just wish they would make the same underwear in a brief and not a cheeky brief. Not to say i don't like the cheeky brief however i would like options.
Most recent review
would have been better if they were made from cotton/spandex blend.
Most recent review
awesome fit and very comfortable
Most recent review
Very sexy, tighty whities although the pouch could use better elasticity around the perimeter. An 8 out of 10!
Most recent review
Great choice in briefs - had to buy (2) pairs! Creates a good looking package
# 7 Top Rated
Most recent review
Have been waiting years for men's underwear to be designed with a large frontal pouch and the HUNG brand has done it! It feels so good to have my manhood hanging out up front rather than be squashed in traditional underwear.
Most recent review
These trunks are very comfortable and well proportioned. The fabric has just enough "give" that they are not tight or binding, especially in the pouch.
# 9 Top Rated
Most recent review
These boxers are amazing! My junk gets held like it should and stays front and center. My wife says when I walk it sways back and forth. When I walk by her she likes to reach out and stop it from swaying! By the way, they also come off in a flash when needed. Otherwise they stay up with no problem.
Most recent review
These bad boys fit well, stay in place, and I like how they're low cut in the front instead of coming up past my bellybutton like so many others. And they make my package look HUGE! What more could I want in a pair of skivvies?