Boxer Shorts for Men

When it comes to the below the belt fashion, men, today have multitudes of options. From the ones that cover minimal to the ones that spread across a wider area. Just like every other style of underwear, the classic boxer shorts has got their connotation. With full coverage, ultimate support and athletic pattern, it is a perfect for the laid back look as well as for the physical activities. Boxer shorts provide full coverage in the back as well as to the package. Thus, they can adorn the look of the individual who likes to keep it sleek, but subtle. Less moisture retention is the best feature that the underneath apparel provides. The lower thigh cut and loose fitting are best for guys who have the problem of sweating too much. Sweat retention leads to many skin-related problems in your privates. Of all the varied style of men’s underwear, men’s boxer shorts have the minimum contact with the body. This provides excellent ventilation, thus solving the problem of sweating and other related problems such as chafing, rashes, itching and others.

The running shorts can be used during the morning jogs as well as during workout sessions at the gym. The underneath articles are usually in demand for times when you have to undergo any physical activity like workouts, sports. This is the reason, it is sometimes also known as running and athletic shorts. offers the boxer shorts of all types and styles that you would like to have in your closet crafted by some of the reputed underwear manufacturers. The assortment of the site consists of vibrant color combinations namely, white, black, pink, red, the various shades of blue and others. The exquisite designs and delightful patterns can get you ready to project a sensual profile. However, don’t wear it with your tight denim as it is particularly mended for loose fitting pants. In fact, the lounge shorts are not mend to be worn underneath your trouser and leg wear. It is an ideal option for the beach outings, pool parties and for the fun at the water park. It can provide you with the perfect blend of a good look, support, and comfort.

Some of the boxer shorts in the inventory of the site are so versatile and multi-purpose that you can even wear them all by themselves. The package boosting pouch of these designs add to their functionality. Projecting a great front profile, the apparel can help you leave a lasting impression. The super soft and stretchable fabric of shorts comprise of cotton, spandex, and other comfort enhancing materials. The perfect balance of various micro-fiber provides the best and the most relaxing experience to the user. While the blend of spandex provides enough flexibility and stretchiness.

The boxer shorts are not as sensual as many of their counterpart, but it can provide with a subtle sophistication and appealing look with a reasonable amount of elegance. The convenience in movement and comfort is complemented by the ventilation that this underwear provides. The roomy pouch, loose fit, yet the touch of contemporary patterns makes them one of their kinds.

The entire assortment of Skiviez is available at reasonable prices. There are so many options at the site, both in terms of brand and design, that choosing one from them will become difficult for you. Visit the site and explore your style.

Brands to consider for men’s boxer shorts at Skiviez

Are you looking for the conventional collection of men’s boxer shorts underwear that features roomy construction and minimal support in the front or the modern versions which feature body-hugging fit, streamlining construction, ample support and more? Skiviez features an exotic collection of boxer shorts, running shorts as well as lounge shorts. The online store has a plethora of brands that design pieces which match your choices, needs, and occasions. Right from the traditional and classic to the modern ones, the inventory has got it all.

If you are looking for brands that offer traditional coverage with ample space for the masculinity and enough stretch for free leg movement, then, you need to look out for the brands like Cover Male and Intymen. The labels have mastered the art of making the underneath articles that provide you with the best of comfort, mobility, and a lot of freedom while doing anything that you want to do. When it comes to streamlining the legs, you can depend upon numerous brands including Agacio (for longer coverage and undying support), Honcho (sporty feature), Intymen (enhancing underwear), Pistol Pete (fun and fashionable purposes), Good Devil (for getting in touch with your masculinity) and many more like Mensuas, Otzi, CandyMan, Clever, Marcuse, Olaf Benz, Uzzi and others.

2xist Boxer Shorts

2xist boxer shorts are inspired by the classic styles, but gives an edge to the wearer with the signature eye-catchy designs. The masculine construction and vibrant colors leaves no aspect of fashion unexplored.

Agacio Boxer Shorts

Agacio boxer shorts spell sophistication along with comfort. The support contoured pouch hugs the entire package and keeps it at the right place.

Cover Male Boxer Shorts

Cover Male boxer shorts has been the first choice of all the fashion oriented laborers. The attention grabbing designs and alluring color combinations can blend with all sort of taste as well as skin tone.

Good Devil Boxer Shorts

If you consider this style of underneath article as your grandpa’s boxer shorts, then, you need to checkout the collection of Good Devil boxer shorts. The outrageously revealing and seductive designs of the label can give you a voluptuous look down there.

Honcho Boxer Shorts

Honcho Boxer shorts are simple, subtle, yet contemporary and trendy. The mesh fabric allows free air flow, keeping your manhood dry and cozy, all day long.

Intymen Boxer Shorts

Nothing short of flattering, Intymen Boxer Shorts provides best ever enhancement with the hidden secrets, that is, unique C-ring contraptions that keeps your manhood as well as sex appeal at an elevated position.

Pistol Pete Boxer Shorts

Pistol Pete boxer shorts has gained popularity in a very short span of time. The sheer, see-through fabric and magnetic color combinations will get you hooked to the assortment.

Calvin Klein Boxer Shorts

Give your underneath fashion an athletic touch with the masculine styles of Calvin Klein Boxer Short. Visit and get your-kind-of underwear at your doorstep.

Skiviez caters to all your needs and requirements at affordable prices. With so many brands under one roof, you are likely to choose the piece that can fulfill all your underneath fashion needs.

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Men's Boxer Shorts

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great fit. hot look. especially wet by the pool.
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Another fantastic boxer brief by Jocko...
Most recent review
Amazing great fitting and sexy boxer briefs...
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These are Great! Very comfortable! I'll be ordering several more pair.
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comfortable, although the pouch was smaller than what is preferred by myself and not as pronounced as some of the styles you carry.
Most recent review
Very comfortable, I wish the pouch was fuller and more roomier
Most recent review
Looks awesome! Arrived promptly too!
Most recent review
Snug and sexy. These make me feel very secure and ready for whatever activities may come my way.
Most recent review
Love these... my cock and balls have never been held so great! Helps my bulge in my jeans jut out more. I ordered a size down for a better fit.
Most recent review
I love these shorts! My package is held nicely and looks like a million bucks! The pouch does not start to give midway through the day like some other shorts have done to me, causing my nut sack to stick to my thighs... Wife loves the undies as well. Says she can't wait till I come in the door at the end of the day to assist me in taking them off!