Daniel Alexander appears to be one of the most popular brands which crafts men’s bikini underwear which are known for enhancing sex appeal and boosting up male anatomy.

Some of the important aspects of bikini styles offered by the brand are-

Comfort- The brand uses fabric blend of Polyamide and Spandex for softness, smoothness and luxurious feeling down in the crotch. The smooth fabric stretches to form a skin-tight fit that makes your body look great and your package look amazing.

Profile Enhancement- The sexy contoured pouch in men’s bikini by Daniel Alexander keeps the entire package in position and prevents unnecessary hanging, thereby protecting it from injuries.

Support- When it comes to support, Daniel Alexander Bikinis play a great role as these are designed with a supportive contour pouch which not only offers a bulge to your profile but also offers support in the crotch.


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Daniel Alexander Men's Bikinis

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➤  Top Rated Underwear
Most recent review
These are the sexiest, brightest colored, and best fitting bikini briefs. I've ever worn. I enjoy wearing them under my white trousers. Wish they were available in more colors. I definitely recommend these.
Most recent review
The brief fit really well. The material was soft and fit well around all the important surfaces. I like nylon briefs and they feel much nicer on a male’s package than cotton!
Most recent review
With these briefs, this is a case where less is better. They fit well and look great.
# 4 Top Rated
Most recent review
These briefs feel like they were custom made. They support a guy where he needs it, and has a full back or seat panel. They are snug but very comfortable. After buying my first pair, I've already reordered more.
Most recent review
My wife gets wet whenever she sees my DA's ! No doubt she dreams about gorging on my man meat...I dream of that too! She wiggles into our office in a short tank top and a thong. 'Oops, I just dropped something.' and she bends over to pick it up and stays down there so I can admire her curvy butt and her long sexy legs. I can't resist and I start licking and kissing her luscious ass. She sits up on my desk with her legs parted and she rips off my bikinis and slathers my cock with oil. She pulls her thong to the side and guides me in and I grab her legs and pump her until she cums. She then rearranges herself with her head hanging over the edge. She grabs my butt and guides my cock into her willing, wanting mouth. I slowly ease in and out and grab her perky titties as I do. I pull out and unload all over her sexy tank top. She then guides me back to her mouth and licks off the excess juice. 'I am such the seductress' she says with a naughty grin. 'You' my dear, 'are a cock hound!'
Most recent review
My wife starts to salivate when she sees me wearing these! No doubt she dreams of devouring my thick sweet cock while I tickle her tonsils. She spreads her long shapely legs on the edge of the bed and my DA bikini's were on the floor. I slide into her hot, wet muff and started pumping her and kissing. In due course she had that satisfied look on her face that guaranteed it was a good orgasm and said, 'how about some boob love?' So I slid my rock hard cock between her perky titties. It felt so good and I knew I was nearing orgasm and she asked, 'Do you wanna finish in my mouth because I got a cum craving? I didn't need to answer and slid my pole into her wet, wanting mouth. She nibbled, licked, and gobbled until I erupted. She showed me her mouthful and savoured it before gulping it down. 'Thanks for the salty, late night snack. Less calories than chips' she said with a sexy grin.
Most recent review
I was barbecuing in the garage for Steak and Blow Job day and wore my SM's underneath my shorts. My wife came home, parked the car in the garage, and said, 'I've been waiting for this all day!' She started french kissing me and groping my butt and grabbing my package and before I knew it she was on her knees french kissing my hot rod. It was dark and no one was around but it was still pretty risky for someone to walk by and see my long-legged fellatrix on her knees giving head with my fuscia undies on the garage floor! She's an expert at fellatio so within a few minutes she was tasting my warm jism. A protein shake before supper wouldn't ruin her appetite. It was tough keeping one eye on the steaks and another on my wife as she wrapped her luscious lips around my throbbing member. After supper I satisfied her as she climbed on for a reverse cowgirl ride!
Most recent review
Little did I know that when my wife came into my office that in a few minutes I'd be cumming in her mouth! She was wearing a trench coat but when she locked the door and closed the blind, she revealed that the only thing underneath was a pair of black crotchless panties! "I saw your underwear this morning and I'm sopping wet for you." She put her 1 long leg on my desk, slid a finger into her snatch, and let me lick her juices off. She pulled down my pants, popped out my penis and blew my mind. I blew my load into her sexy mouth that day and then she sat back on her haunches and let it dribble down onto her perky tits. Really glad she likes my CM underwear! I thanked her that night with a sexy tongue ride!
Most recent review
Just like their boxer counterpart, these briefs are pretty amazing. The material is super comfortable and stretchy and the pouch is absolutely incredible. Wearing these feels sexy as hell.
Most recent review
Dude! These are some smokin' hot undies! They're super comfortable with nice stretchy soft fabric that feels 'cool' on your skin. I also love the pouch which fits your nethers like a supportive glove. Slipping into these, your man parts naturally falling into place-feels pretty amazing.