Boxer Briefs for Men

Boxer briefs have always been an ideal choice for men likes to go with the classic styles of apparel. In fact, it has been an integral part of the underneath fashion for men for a very long time. This style of underneath article is as comfortable as a boxer and at the same time, it is as eye-appealing as briefs. Thus, you need not compromise on either your style or with your comfort, if you a pair of boxer brief in your closet. They can suit every type of taste, preference as well as personality by hitting the right note between sexy looks and comfort. The knit wear cross between boxers and briefs, the underneath article comes in every imaginable textile as well as the various level of support and coverage. Unlike briefs, it is slightly longer in size and reaches up to the thighs. Providing a leg coverage till the upper thighs and enough room as well as support to the wearer, the underwear style can get you perfectly ready for a comfortable day. However, unlike boxers, they are not very baggy. The boxer briefs fit perfectly onto the skin of the wearer.

The perfect blend of coverage, comfort, support, as well as style, is something that makes men’s boxer briefs underwear a must have in the top drawers of the closet of every man. You need not check the occasion and event for wearing this underneath article. This design is perfect for everyday use as well as for all sorts of physical activity like workouts, sports, and other athletic activities. The low -rise boxer briefs are a perfect choice for all the style conscious men who likes to keep it simple and subtle and don’t want to compromise with coverage and comfort.

With these top designers in the assortment, quality will not be an issue for the shoppers. The ultra comfortable fabric is lightweight and cozy. The cut of the underwear, airy fabric, and the body-hugging fit reduces sweat retention, thus, protects your privates from chafing, rashes and other skin related problems. The fabric blend of the underwear, includes cotton, polyester, polyamide, spandex and other microfiber. The moisture wicking property of the high-quality fabric keeps you dry the entire day while spandex and elastane provide enough stretch.

The wide waistbands featuring the logo of the respective brands have soft and flexible elastic. Moreover, the pouch of the boxer briefs, is well contoured that keeps the male anatomy away from the body, unlike the traditional styles of men’s underwear. The gentle lift to the package holds the junk and keeps it in position. The underwear offers the right blend of subtle and sexy looks along with the ultimate support. At skiviez, you get the widest range of boxer briefs of all the top brands and that too at discounted prices. With the exotic color combinations and contemporary patterns, you can have a pair of underwear for every day. Peep into the assortment and buy men’s boxer brief underwear at pocket friendly prices.

Which brands must you look out for boxer brief underwear?

At Skiviez, you’ll find numerous popular names from the industry of men’s underwear that offers their own innovations when it comes to the style that provides the best of both worlds (brief underwear and boxers). More than 30 brands offer their version of boxer briefs for the varied personalities of men at the men’s underwear online store. With over 800+ products and still counting, you surely would have something to choose from out collection.

The widest inventory of the site is an apt destination to shop for various occasions events and requirements. Whether you seek knee length coverage or something that looks more like extended briefs, you’re sure to find it at online underwear store of Not only this, there’s more than one for every taste bud as well as occasions. From every day to sporting the luxurious piece at your romantic evening, the selective brands have designed it for the purpose.

Boxer briefs are also considered as tight boxers. offer a wide range of boxer brief underwear. Name any label of men’s underneath fashion industry and you will find it at the online store. Some of the best brands of the site includes Intymen, Calvin Klein, Cover Male, Agacio, Joe Snyder, Male Power, Mensuas, Obviously, Otzi, Aware SoHo, Bumgear, CandyMan, Clever, Gregg Homme, Male Basics, Marcuse, Pikante, PPU, Skmpeez, Timoteo, WildmanT, Zylas and many others. Let us look at them one by one.

Intymen Boxer Briefs

Intymen boxer brief underwear features an inbuilt C-ring that keeps the male anatomy at an elevated position and away from the abrasion of the body. The vibrant colors and supportive option of the brand makes it a must-have for every man.

Agacio Boxer Briefs

This brand is designed by men for the male population. The sack lifting technology of Agacio Boxer Briefs holds manhood and adds to the visibility of the package.

Good Devil Boxer Briefs

There is more devil than good in the underwear of the brand. The provocative designs of the Good Devil boxer brief only covers the bare minimum. The revealing style highlights sex appeal and assets.

Cover Male Boxer Briefs

Sexy and functional Cover Male boxer briefs offer classic style along with modern cuts as well as designs. Some of the flattering underwear in the assortment even offer enhancing contraption to spice up your overall personality.

Daniel Alexander Boxer Briefs

Quality, comfort and sexiness is what Daniel Alexander boxer brief is all about. The label has occupied the top drawer and the heart of men in a short span of time.

Miami Jock Boxer Briefs

The underwear of this brand is an ideal option for intimate occasions and casual spree. Miami Jock Boxer Brief comes with open crotch option and supportive suspender. The impressive designs of some of the reputed brands can take your sex appeal to the next level without compromising comfort.

Edipous Boxer Briefs

This style was a common trend for all the athletic personalities, but with modern touch of the brand, Edipous Boxer Brief has become popular among all the fashion-forward male population.

2xist Boxer Briefs

The 2xist boxer briefs offers a contour pouch that highlights, supports and enhances your package. The high-quality fabric blend of the brand is extremely soft and is used for the various styles hugs and moves with your every curve.

Calvin Klein Boxer Briefs

Shop for the comfy & stylish Calvin Klein Mens Boxer Briefs at unbeathen prices at the skiviez and make a style statement.

Well, you can choose from the plethora of low-rise, sexy, yet the subtle styles of underneath apparel, available at the men’s boxer brief online store. Select the perfect piece from numerous reputed brands that appeal your personality, occasion, and taste bud.

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Men's Boxer Briefs

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Most recent review
These are extremely comfortable. I never have an issue with the underwear for men crafted by Agacio. The pouch offers enough room and lifts the package up. It is not just perfect, but still they are comfortable and stylish. These fit an athletic build very well and they look good, especially with the wide waistband is ideal for all day use..
# 2 Top Rated
Most recent review
It shows more than the image does to you. If you really are confident enough about your physique and are ready to show off your booty
Most recent review
This Bumgear pair is hypnotizing and I love everything about it. The circles keep you engaged and the support offered is commendable. I love this pair.!!
Most recent review
A little rough at first, these all cotton undies softened after a few washes. I love the bold color design and that was my primary attraction to these briefs.
Most recent review
It fits me great!! I have tried a number of different companies and every time they are washed, they shrink so much that he can't wear them because of the rise. I was looking for something that can last longer than is usual and is stylish as well as supportive at the same. Agacio turned out to be a perfect brand for me. These boxer underwear not only fit me great, but they don't shrink like the others; there's minor shrinking of course but it doesn't affect the fit whatsoever. I will not buy any other brand but Agacio, worth ever penny!! Thank you!!
Most recent review
This is the best underwear I have found in a couple years!! I've tried several different kinds and brands that would fit in my need, but these are by far the most comfortable ones yet!!! Love Them!!!
Most recent review
Bumgear comforts and this is what makes me come back for the products time and again. This trunk is what actually take you in the retro era but still manages to keep a comfortable grip on the assets without making it look monotonous. I like the support and the pouch as well because they make it apt for everyday.
Most recent review
The underwear is just as advertised, The fabric is very comfortable and sits fine on the waist. I sometimes wear the attire to my office as well as it allows a good air circulation to the assets. I finally found something that provides are sexy and functional as well. My boyfriend just can't stop staring when he sees me in them.It just spices up the bedroom moments. Good job guys
Most recent review
I was looking for something that would have a boxer brief fit but with a short length. I came across this cheeky pair and was a little skeptical about the same but went ahead and bought it. The pair serves true to its name and lets my butts for the show (a little) but the pouch provides the best support and enhancement to the manhood.
Most recent review
I guess the fabric is very bright unlike the normal whites. Otherwise they do their job very well. The body defining fit and the enhancing pouch adds to the attraction. However, I'm thinking to switch to a different color.