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Men's Boxer Briefs

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I've been buying flag underwear for a very long time. We wear them for soccer matches that adds to the vibe of the team. Earlier, none of them were functional. Like I used to wear it for the day and next day you would find it on the bin. However, this time I tried cover male. The flag undies under them were very comfortable. The fabric was very soft that I started donning them for the lounging purposes. I'm happy that my purchase was fruitful this time.
Most recent review
I was barbecuing with my flag trunks on. My wife had been suntanning at the beach and came home and was looking smoking hot in her lbd. She said, 'you look hot in your new bathing suit!' She grabbed one of the wieners and playfully began to tongue it. She noticed the growing erection in my trunks and put her hand down them to see how I was doing. 'That's pretty firm,' she said. 'And hot.' Right there she got down on her knees, pulled my trunks down, and wrapped her luscious lips around my swollen member. She stroked the shaft and worked the tip with her mouth. She then switched to deep throating and we both knew I would be a goner so she withdrew her lips, pulled her titties out and held them together, and I pumped a load of white hot jizz all over her them. I had forgotten all about the wieners on the barbecue and they burnt to a crisp while my wife gave attention to my wiener. It was well worth it. I'm glad my flag trunks were such a turn on.