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Secret Male SMC001 Bodystocking


Size: One Size

  • One Size

Color: Black

  • Black

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Who doesn’t look appreciated by their partner and what about wearing that one thing which would totally blow your companion's mind off? That’s why Secret Male presents you with this designer men’s accessory that would make you feel like a guy who isn’t afraid to be all out. As this sexy men’s bodystocking has got all the features you would want for that freaky night with your partner. Now that you are all set and trying to get that perfect accessory for men why not give it a little go and then make up your mind. Moving on to the design, just like any stocking which is made for the legs this has got some similarities but in a weird way as this male accessory is made for the whole body. This mens accessory has got a big maze-like design which lets your companion to give a nice look upon that heavenly body of yours. At the center, you are provided with a cut-outso that it becomes your choice about wearing undies if you want to but it sure provides hell lot of accessibility for your junk.

  • Brand: Secret Male
  • Category: Men’s Accessories
  • Size: Refer to Size Chart
  • Full Body Coverage
  • Mesh Design
  • Fabric Composition: 88% Nylon 12% Spandex
  • Additional Information


    One size




    Size Chart

    Secret Male Waist
    Small (S) 27 - 29 68 - 73
    Medium (M) 30 - 32 75 - 80
    Large (L) 33 - 35 83 - 88
    Extra Large (XL) 36 - 38 90 - 95


    Secret Male Chest
    Small (S) 34 - 37 86 - 94
    Medium (M) 38 - 40 96 - 102
    Large (L) 41 - 43 104 - 110
    Extra Large (XL) 44 - 46 112 - 116