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Men's Lace Underwear

➤  Top Rated Underwear
Most recent review
I wanted to get something lacy. Skivies delivered! Thanks keeping me sexy!~
Most recent review
I love the lace slip bikini. Extremely comfortable, makes me feel really special.
Most recent review
My boyfriend looked so hot in this, it gave me a raging hard on! Our cocks got one helluva workout that night! We each got a mouthful of hot cum!!
Most recent review
These are amazing! The pouch is very low cut and fits snugly, making them incredibly sexy while providing a supportive lift from underneath and a painted on fit. I have been buying these a size down because they tend to stretch a little and mold to your fit once worn for a day. My partner gets that smokey sultry look in her eyes every time she sees me in these and they are my current favorites. I'll have to see how long they last because the quality of the stitching and elastic doesn't quite seem up to the standards of other products in the Skiviez line.
Most recent review
awesome feels great glad i purchase them
Most recent review
I wish these were available before Valentine's Day but they weren't but I still bought and recreated my date as 14th Feb with my partner. This pair is passionate (red), soothing, smooth and very alluring by the looks. The price also matches my pocket..:)
Most recent review
This product is exceptional piece of sexiness. It feels as if you are not wearing anything at all. My wife loves the look and feel. It spices up our intimate affairs within a jiffy. Highly recommended to all the romantic couples out there.
Most recent review
The fit of the pair is extraordinary and so is the support provided. The luxurious feeling of good fabric will make you feel like staying in them forever. You must try them to know how they feel!!
Most recent review
Life's too short of boring underwear; nice underwear gives you that sexy confidence. The above statement is well defined by the slip bikini in the image. It gives an awesome feel down there as the soft and revealing fabric stays very soft on the skin. The low rise fit is eye catchy with just enough room in the pouch for a comfortable fit. This has worn my heart. Oh Excuse me! My boyfriend's heart because, he is the one who see me in them. LOL!
Most recent review
I never expected a bikini brief to be sexy until I saw these. At once, I bought these and I glad that I did. They provide the comfort of boxers while keeping the image of sexy underwear. Would definitely recommend to others.

Lace Underwear for Men

Whether you are someone who secretly loves to wear their girlfriend’s lace lingerie or someone who loves to pamper their manhood with something extremely soft; men’s lace underwear is just meant for you. Lace is widely appealing the male masses and hence, designer brands are happily providing them the exotic men’s underwear in various styles matching their personal taste and mood.

Lace underwear is for all those men who likes to flaunt their sex appeal. The see-through fabric of  the underneath article reveals your asset and triggers the kinky side your personality. The ultra-sexy apparel is anything, but ordinary. The incredible style allows you get ready for some serous actions. It feels snazzy down there and at the same time provides ventilation to the manhood.

Made out of microfiber blend and spandex, lace is lightweight, see through and fits well on the body. If it fits you well, it has the capability of making your physique toned and streamlined. Men cite every reason in the book for going with lace, from the barely there feeling to the breath-ability, the sheer texture, and even the fact that it’s just plain sexy and they like exploring their fetishes.

The online underwear store, offers you an array of varied color, patterns and cuts. You can procure your piece from the over 50 reputed brands. Some of the well-known names from the men’s underwear industry marks their presence in the inventory of the store.

However, in this particular category of lace underwear, the bestseller includes the Good Devil and few others.

Good Devil lace underwear feels like wearing nothing down there. The support is ample, but the coverage is minimal. The sneak-peak of your manhood can tantalize your partner.

Joe Snyder lace underwear goes an extra mile to add fun in your collection of men’s underwear. The array of see-through undergarment are functionally sound and guarantees to cause stir at the intimate occasions.

Check out the collection of this category of exotic underneath article at and find your style at affordable prices.