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WildmanT WT08 Ball Lifter Protuder


Size: Medium

  • Medium
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Color: Black

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Red


The Protruder! And it does just what the name says, protrudes your manhood forward giving you a fuller, lifted look. This male enhancing garment works in two ways. First, the suspension strap holds you 'stuff' up to keep it from falling and disappearing in between your legs. Plus it wraps around you man-junk with the adjustable strap to capture blood flow like a regular cock-ring would. However, with our extra wide 1.25 strap, you get pushed forward more than any other cock-ring! Wear under clothes or wear it by itself!


Additional Information


Medium, Large, Xlarge, Small


Black, Blue, Red


Size Chart

WildmanT Waist
Small (S) 28 - 30
Medium (M) 31 - 33
Large (L) 34 - 36
Extra Large (XL) 37 - 39