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Explore our comprehensive Men's Underwear Collection featuring a wide range of styles including Bikinis, Thongs, Boxers, Briefs, Jockstraps, and G-Strings. For more daring options, check out our Erotic Underwear and Mesh Underwear Collections.

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Mens Sexy Underwear

What is underwear?

The loincloth was worn 7000 years ago as the first kind of mens underwear. Simply put, the loincloth is a bit of material wrapped around the legs and waist. The material has been selected on the basis of a community in which a person is born or resides. The loincloth was worn from the average man to great leaders like Augustus (leader of ancient Rome). You can cover the package with the help of a loincloth. It was also well known in ancient Hawaii. In addition to leather and linen, wool was also well distributed among the people. The upper class used rich materials.

At Skiviez, we are working 24 hours a day to enhance your shopping experience. Exploring the luxurious underwear for men range in the shop.  It has even other roles to do. Male underwear is responsible for safety and security, promoting and preserving private parts as well as for increasing the package's exposure. For over a decade Skiviez has provided men with their essential needs. Not just this, the online shop has spread awareness over all these years about the value of mens underwear style through its products. The store offers the best of all styles from the renowned underwear industry.

Why opt for men’s underwear?

Skiviez offers underwear for men collection for all the stylish men who can't afford anything ordinary. Choose any aspect of the mens underwear line and it would be easy. The styles of the underwear for men on the list vary from conventional to bold and innovative.

Male underwear gives you the required coverage from front and back that comes with full support and comfort with a lot of varieties and looks into it. Mens underwear comes in various color options to choose from. The underwear comes in different types of fabric that includes nylon, cotton, spandex, polyester, silk and etc. There are many reasons to go for underwear. These are

Acts as protection: 

Underwear for men is more than an innerwear. It works as a protection for your manhood. It protects you from rough and hard jeans, pants and you would face everyday laundry inconveniences if you don't wear them.

No more problems:

When your skin continues to rub against skin or clothing, it causes irritation, as pants, jeans, or shorts are harsh in your genital region. This problem is often noticed with men who wear no underwear. People do not realize that it acts as a barrier to ensuring a healthy and secure arrangement between the jewels and fabric.

Genital fungus:

Because of very tight or wet clothing crotch rot can be avoided which is also known as Tinea Cruris. If you already care for your outside health, you should care about your inner health as well as about certain skin problems. You should wear and carry clean male underwear. Underwear for men collects sweat very well while keeping the skin and genitals dry. Look for fabrics that very easily retain sweat and make it easy to evaporate. You will help keep your private parts safe by wearing some comfortable mens underwear.

Sweat staining:

Sweating is a natural process and so you can not regulate it, but sweat stains can be controlled every day, by using male underwear and you can prevent sweat on staining the trousers, jeans, or shorts.

What styles will you be able to find in men’s underwear?

Briefs for Men

This is one of mens underwear basic styles. They are the ordinary, regular underwear for men, and they come in a wide range of raises, structures, and variations. Men's short underwear covers your entire back and packages in the front with a high cut on the upper thigh that leaving legs exposed. Male underwear provides your jewels with ideal support and uplift, making them look encouraging and attractive.

Boxer Briefs for Men

Standard and regular mens underwear protect about 50% of your leg but the majority of boxer briefs cover only just around 33% of your thighs. Male underwear is very good for exercise and sport and reduces the chance of teasing, infection, and rash.

Men's Bikinis 

This mens underwear style is supposed to use a string that stretches to the back and leaves the back exposed. In any case, it depends on the variation you pick. A few underwear for men styles has a range of designs available. The popularity of male bikini has been admired by bikini models so far.

Thongs for Men

This male underwear style exactly has the desired effect on your sexy side posing. The use of this mens underwear is to achieve will increase your chance of becoming successful as it generally increases your sex appeal and appreciates your stomach body. The fabric is highly strong and they develop security among men.

Jockstraps for Men

This is the main desire of men to give their jewels components maximum support and durability. This underwear for men style consists of leg bands that fall down the sides of the butt cheeks and connected to the waistband.

G-strings for Men

G-strings are men's thongs in better-looking form. The difference is the back cover. For men who love to flaunt their underneath assets, they like to go for this underwear for men very much. This male underwear is the perfect way to highlight your body.

C-strings for Men

C- Strings were built for all people who don't hesitate. At the same moment, it is seductive and sexy. One end has a small amount of fabric protecting manhood, and the string passes through the butts. They are paired with tighter pants and jeans to make it difficult for the mens underwear lines to be noticeable.

What mens underwear brands does Skiviez feature?

Skiviez has a compilation of more than 60 well-known brands that not only specialize in offering men’s underwear or men’s swimwear; there are some which have the expertise in designing shapewear, sportswear as well as men’s socks. You’ll be able to find brands that feature pairs for every day as well as for parties, sports, gymming, romantic affairs, and other occasions. In short, the site can be considered to be a one-shop-destination for men.

Our sexy male underwear collection has something that you need whenever you are in doubt of what to wear. There is a solution for all your fashion related problems at the site. For example, if you feel like going commando, you can try out the Good Devil Thongs that feature minimal design and revealing features which make you come in contact with your masculinity as well as with the barely-there fabric, you’ll feel like you’re wearing nothing. Likewise, there’s something for every situation.

Some of the renowned brands that you must look out for and their bestseller men’s underwear style available at the men’s underwear store are listed below. Check out the inventory and make sure that you choose nothing but the best.

You can’t question the popular brand Calvin Klein because of the trust the label has built-in so many years. Men of every age group are addicted to the same name for the high level of comfort and support. This brand has been in the market for a very long time and needs no introduction. The remarkable brand’s bestseller assortment includes briefs and boxer brief underwear that goes all the way from basic to vibrant.

2xist Underwear is all about quality and style in their pairs of undergarments. The brand endorses a collection of both fashionable and functional underwear and swimwear for the modern men.

Agacio Underwear is considered as the brand “made by men for men” which works on providing the most comfortable feeling down there with undying support. With subtle to fashionable designs the enhancing underwear styles are the most popular and specifically Agacio briefs as well as the Agacio boxer briefs underwear. The underneath clothing of the brand sophisticated and less revealing, yet exotic and sensual.

C-IN2 Underwear known to provoke men to “see in to” (long for C-IN2) their underneath fashion and give the best to the male anatomy. The varied options in the catalog offered by the brand include a gamut of styles while the loved styles include low-rise briefs and boxer briefs.

Cover Male Underwear is known for the sassy and comfortable pairs of men’s sexy underwear it offers at Skiviez. Popular for the huge spectrum of colors it features, the hot-seller styles are Cover Male bikinis, thongs, and g-strings which are perfect for the first-timers (comfortable) and a must-have for personalities who seek something out-of-the-box.

Daniel Alexander Underwear just came in 2015. In a short span, it has become one of the most loved brands because of the comfortable and conventional appeal in all the styles. Starting from the tasteful bikinis to sensuously appealing thongs, every pair seems to be too luxurious to handle.

Good Devil Underwear is the sexiest of them all and the styles offered by the brand are groundbreaking and revolutionary. This brand is for all the modern men who have greater regard for sensuality and boldness. With all the pieces aiming at keeping you in touch with your masculinity, the use of sheer, open pouches, and no fabric at all are some of the features of the brand. The bestseller sexy mens underwear assortments are Good Devil thongs, bikinis, g-strings, and the only label to offer c-string underwear.

Intymen Underwear is extremely popular for the hidden secrets and the sporty apparel that every pair imbibes. The subtle sophistication and the flare of confidence that it boost in the attitude of the wearer are just exceptional. Without fail, the brand makes sure that the support and sportiness of the pairs must not be compromised. The hot-selling styles are Intymen jockstraps, briefs, and boxer briefs.

The pioneer name in the industry is the Joe Snyder Underwear that has been serving men for decades and has not lost its charm and appeal. Known for the luxurious textured and colorful pieces, the mens lingerie styles that you must surely not miss are bikinis, thongs, and Joe Snyder tangas.

Miami Jock Underwear is one of the youngest, most erotic, and outrageous brand at Skiviez. Known for all the harnesses, strings, straps, and other accessories, the brand has something that attracts adventurous personalities. Though there’s a lot to watch out for if you are looking for ways that can reveal your manhood in no time, the Miami Jock g-strings, jockstraps, and briefs are a must-have in the closet of every urban gentleman.

Well, there are many other brands like AddictedMichaelSecret MaleOtziFeel, and more available at which have their own unique and innovative collections, these surely are a must-have for you.

Men's underwear fabrics to find at

When it comes to your underneath fashion, what matters the most is the kind of fabric you choose to get that specific feeling down there. The fabric is something that leads to the fit, feel, and the overall comfort below the belt. Hence, it is one of the most important factors to look out for while choosing your favorite skivvies. The material should be soft and smooth. At Skiviez, you’ll find a gamut of materials from the conventional to the ultra-modern blends that have been brought forward by the luxurious names that we talked about above. The brands have been constantly working to provide the best feeling down there. Fabrics that have moisture-wicking properties, retains less moisture, and dries easily are the ideal ones.

Let us look at some of the fabrics available at

  • Cotton:

  • Nylon:

  • Modal:

  • MicroModal:

  • Polyester: 

  • Spandex: 

  • Bamboo: 

  • Microfiber: 

Choose the fabric that suits your requirement. You’re sure to find your definition of comfort from the fabrics mentioned above available at Skiviez.