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Most recent review
Sometimes socks like these don't stay on your foot right, slip off your heel, etc. These are exceptional for this type of sock! Love them. Fit great, comfortable, perfect.
Most recent review
These are quite sexy and great for baiting.
Most recent review
Found the cup to be on the snug side but only one line below comfortable
Most recent review
These are very comfortable and move with me.
Most recent review
I like these very much. The mfg did a lot with a little. They are comfortable and I am wearing these as I write this.
Most recent review
I'm wearing these right now - very comfortable fabric. The crossover fabric hipline is very unique and flattering, and the waistband definitely makes a statement. They ride low on the hip (not the waist) as featured in the photograph - but are cozy nonetheless. Go ahead, pamper yourself and tease your mate!
Most recent review
Very comfortable and soft. Size fit perfectly.
Most recent review
Great colors and good fit, arrived in a timely manner. My only negative would be the pouch could be a bit larger.
Most recent review
This is a great jockstrap! The waistband is soft and comfortable. The pouch is stitched so that it is kind of a pouch within a pouch: The main one that covers your whole area and a stitched one that is more closely covering and providing support for your package. I feel great wearing this!
Most recent review
Great product. I am a fan of Agacio underwear. The fit is perfect and the feel is nice. The sale price was perfect. You should have more sales of boxer briefs.