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Valentine’s Day- What do the Symbols Mean?

Have you heard about the different symbols of love? Hearts?? Cupid?? Anything else?? Well, love itself is a symbol of your relationship. However, the day of love i.e., Valentine’s Day has a number of symbols with their specific meanings as well.

This blog is more or less a continuation of the blog we wrote about the facts of Valentine’s Day. This one talks about the various symbols of the day of love that’ll enlighten you with the day in a better way.


The very symbol that you’ll see around yourself specifically throughout the Valentine Week is hearts. Whether you head towards the busiest streets of your town or the most remote areas, hearts are visible. Why so? Well, this has a legend attached to it! It was a long time ago when people felt that all the emotions- good, bad, which also includes love. Hence, that’s where the hearts follow.


You might see a lot of lace in the market these days including the men’s underwear industry. However, it all started in the olden days when a Knight rode in the battlefield with a lace handkerchief for the woman he loved. It is believed that woman (years later) dropped the lace handkerchief in the way of the man that she adored. Interesting isn’t it? Now it is more about lace lingerie for women and lace underwear for men.


Now that’s what we all know!! Cupid is a legendary God that is believed to be the love and attraction between a man as well as a woman. If you imagine, you’ll find a young bubbly boy with wings flying with a bow and an arrow in his hands aiming at couples to make them fall in love with each other. You might have seen the figure in movies like Love-Struck, Cupid, and others.


This is probably the inevitable symbol that is part of celebrations that has love in them. The word ROSE if juggled makes EROS which is the name of the God of Love. Followed are the different colors of roses with their meanings.

    1. Red & white: Together means unity

    1. Pink: Grace and gentility

    1. Yellow: Joy

    1. Orange, Coral: Communicate your desire.

    1. Burgundy: A compliment to your sweetheart's unconscious beauty

    1. A single rose: Signifies simplicity and purity

    1. White: Heavenly, purity, innocence

    1. White rosebuds warn that you're too young for love


You might have seen it in the old movies that doves are sent with the love message and if the dove returns, it is good news. That’s not it! It is believed doves chose their partner on 14th February and stayed with them throughout their life. Hence, being a symbol of loyalty, and love.

Do you agree with these? Which is your favorite symbol? Do let us know in the comments below.

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