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5 Facts about Valentine’s Day worth knowing

“Love is life. All, everything that I understand, I understand only because I love. Everything is, everything exists, only because I love.”
- Leo Tolstoy

The day of love is not very far and with the date approaching quick, you must be all prepared with the list of gifts that you’ll be picking up. However, do know where Valentine’s Day actually started? Well, it started back in the Roman time when a Martyr named Valentinus, in who’s memory the day was celebrated as Saint Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine’s.

Well, there are many other did you know facts that you must know about the Valentine’s Day. We’ve come up with 5 facts that can be an eye opener for you all. Let’s see them below.

Valentine’s Day is time for highest number of wedding proposals

Did you propose your partner on Valentine’s Day? Well, if you did so, you’re not alone because around 20,000 (on an average) men propose to their partners on the same day. In addition, some also go ahead and get married on the 14th of February to club the celebrations of both the occasions.

Women buy gifts more than men

Please don’t stare at the statement again and again because this won’t change the fact. Women all over the world buy more gifts in comparison to men because men spend on their partners in specific while Valentine’s Day calls for gifts for family, friends, and partner (of course) for women. Hence, women spend more money on the day of love for their loved ones in comparison to men.

Number #1 holiday for florists

Well, flowers are the best gifts on Valentines Day and probably the most picked up option when you run short of gifts. Around 200 million flowers are sold every year in the US alone making it the most profitable holiday for the florists. Rose Day is excluded in this just so you know. In addition, around 70 per cent males love to give flowers, roses in specific to their partners.

“To wear your heart on the sleeve” is more than a phrase

You must have heard this phrase in many songs by popular artists like Calvin Harris and more, but did you know that men and women in the Middle Age picked up names from a bowl that had chits, wrote them on hearts and stuck it on their sleeves to figure out their Valentine.

It is not the top holiday for exchanging cards

According to Greeting Card Association, Valentine’s Day is the second biggest day for exchanging cards with your loved ones. The top position is still with Christmas.

It is also the time when a large number of men buy themselves new male valentine underwear styles just to look appealing when things get naughty. Do you have any other fact to share with us? Do let us know in the comments below.

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