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Wanna look better? - 6 Hacks

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If you really want to know how to look more handsome, you should set ablaze all the fashion magazine now. Well, they are those which ask you to shop numerous kinds of clothes. However, if you really want to look good in what you have, all you need are a few hacks which are both practical and functional.

What you don’t need are those numerous articles that keep you shopping newer articles and all you need is that focus on yourself. With everything that’s there in your closet (and your habits too), and the way you keep yourself is all you need to look just fab.

What are those hacks?

Find the practical way to handsomeness below.

1. Work on your hygiene

The basic of how you look is how you treat yourself. And, that starts from your hygiene! No one likes to sit next to someone who smells of cigarettes or the garlic you had last night. Well, you need to take some practical actions on that end by brushing & flossing your teeth. Moreover, you must clean yourself properly! Being blunt, you need to take a bath every day without failing. From shaving your body hair to changing your outfits, everything counts.

2. Spray perfume- bathing in it won’t help

Oh, my-my!! I have seen so many men doing this and they smell as if they’re carrying the entire perfume store with them. Going from psss..psss.. to psssssss...ssssssssss....sssssss the fragrance goes from subtle to something that burns the nostrils. Why? Why would you do something like this? You can always take a bath with a fragrant body and add to that with an appropriate amount of perfume that’ll stay throughout the day. Use as much as is needed is what you need to do.

3. Taking care of your hair and having a great hairstyle are two distinct things

Are you happy that your hair is healthy? What do you do to keep them healthy? Does your hairstyle look good on you? Well, there are many men out there who don’t know the difference between having healthy hair and a good hairstyle. You must take proper car of your hair and in order to top off the look, the hairstyle is what matters. So, keep in mind how you style your hair in accordance your face cut and hair.

4. Age- gracefully!!

You might have seen the multitudes of anti-aging products available in the industry. Well, they definitely work in slowing down your aging process but like always, they too have their side-effects. Let yourself age naturally but make sure you take care of your skin. Use sunscreen lotions and other products that have an intention to safeguard your skin from harmful sun rays as well as other factors like pollution.

5. Dress in fitted clothes

Ill fit clothes are not what you should promote. We all know how comfortable loose clothes are but do they always look good on you? No, they don’t!! Hence, it is feasible to have formed fitted clothes that aren’t too loose or too tight but just perfect for your body. A tip to note here would be- every article from your underneath fashion to your outfits must be the same fit to keep you looking in sync. After all, you wouldn’t want your boxers to keep bunching in your chino pants. Right??

6. Experiment with exotic accessories sometimes

If you really want to look handsome, you need to feel handsome for that. In order to do that, opt for some exotic accessories that can make you feel on top of the world effortlessly. A fancy wristwatch, a cufflink or even a secretive pair of men's mesh underwear would be ideal for you.

Do let us know your experiences with them in the comments below.
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