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Some Facts about the Male Anatomy

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Attention gentlemen!! Have you ever considered your manhood and pampered it apart from the times when you were not busy using it? Well, there’s a lot more to your shaft and balls than you know and have an idea about. Being the most treasured and fragile part of your body, your manhood needs a lot more than just pampering. You must know everything about your boy.

Laid down are some facts about the manhood that every man must know about.

1.Humans are the only primates with bone in their masculinity: If you study the human manhood in comparison to the others, you’d be surprised to know that it is the only man who does not have a bone in the shaft but the other primates do. This is the reason why men need men’s underwear that feature contouring pouches to add visibility down there.

2.What can be seen is not the only truth: If you think that your male anatomy is what you can see with your own eyes, you’re mistaken, my friends. In reality, the actual length of the penis is just the double that is visible on the body. It looks more like a boomerang if you take an actual look at the entire structure.

3.Smoking hampers: You might have heard a lot about the consequences of smoking but this would take you down. Smoking directly affects the blood vessels leading to contraction of the same and resulting a shorter manhood. The penis can be shortened up to 1 centimeter just because of the cigarette.

4.Two manhoods at once: Some men face a rare condition called diphallia that provides two shafts or manhoods in the same person. One of them would be the fully grown penis while other would be smaller in size as well as doesn’t function properly in accordance to the one fully grown.

5.Every man has a clitoris: Stunned?? Well, you were a girl when you started to shape in your mother’s womb. Every baby boy in the womb starts with a clitoris that further develops to be the masculinity when it is infused with male hormones.

These are some of the facts worth knowing about your own self. Which one came to you as a shock? Do let us know in the comments below.

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