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Some Clothing Pieces To Avoid In Your Wardrobe

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Well, there’s no doubt about the fact that men can be very lazy sometimes and to an extent that they know that their wardrobe needs a makeover, but wouldn’t even care about it. Likewise, there are men’s clothing articles in your wardrobe that have probably been there forever now and need to be stopped wearing right away.

T-Shirts with slogans:

Have you ever been disgusted with people wearing different kinds of slogans on their t-shirts? I get a lot more than just disgusted at times with all the nasty saying men wear without even understanding its true meaning. You need to stop wearing them (if you have) right away. They make themselves a part of the fun where the joke is on them. Hence,  you can rather opt for solid tees that do not offend anyone who you pass by or even make you feel embarrassed. So stop being a fashion disaster and get yourself some solids.

Bell bottoms:

Also called as boot-cut jeans, this style is bygone since I don’t know when. Originally made for the sailors in 1850s, the cut helped them fit comfortably with the boots. So, until and unless you have a fancy dress competition coming up sometime soon, do not wear them. It is a fashion sin! The thing that is “in” this time is the slim fit or straight-cut denim which define your legs.

Glitter shirts:

If you don’t have any plans for the Friday night or the current night, avoid wearing glittery or shimmery shirts. They can be quite embarrassing when people around will give the ‘why so shimmery’ looks. It is that time of year when subtle fashion speaks louder than the tacky one. All you need is a subtle dress shirt that is versatile by nature and can be worn with either denim as well as chinos.

Bulky men’s underwear:

It is as simple as common sense, that men’s stylish underwear comes in all shapes and sizes. However, every style is made for a specific purpose. Summer does not call for fabric-loaded styles such as boxer brief underwear, or the tighty whiteys. In fact the more revealing and see through it is; the better chances of breath-ability and comfort. Know more about sheer underwear here. Go in for thongs or lacy jockstraps if you seek something extra.

Hence, I hope you know that these styles are the perfect way to be a fashion disaster. The only way to not be one is to adopt the substitutes mentioned in the same points or something that you think is more appropriate.

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