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My wardrobe: what you can learn?

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My wardrobe

You know when it comes to fashion and style, we’re all about practicality. That’s the reason why we have to clean the closet for every changing season. Obviously! Can you wear your leather jacket in the summer days? Or, can you stay in your tank top in the chilly winter evenings? When you cannot do any of the above, you need to make the most of your wardrobe and keep switching for the better.

I’ve been blogging about men’s fashion and men’s underwear in specific for a while now but finally, I’m taking this a step further and showcasing you my own closet and my wardrobe collection. For men who find it difficult to segregate their clothing articles and their accessories in the cupboard, this is going to help you find your long lost pieces that have been stuck deep inside and you had no courage to look out for it.

So, here’s the image of my wardrobe where you’ll find every style kept in a different stack. Well, it gets messy over time and it isn’t too clean all the time but I take out a day in a month to get this organized and that’s the day when I clicked this. Being a guy myself, I understand how difficult it gets to keep it looking like it is in the image but you can invest your one day in getting it all cleaned up.

What do you need to do?

Make use of the separate compartments

Men's Wardrobe

If you see, none of my compartment looks like it is overly stuffed while the other is empty. You just have to name every section and fill it with the respective clothing article. For example, your jeans, pants, and shorts must go in the TROUSER section whereas; the shirts, t-shirts, and tank tops in the SHIRTS section. Likewise, segregate the sections for your outfits, underneath fashion, ties, and other accessories.

This isn’t that difficult as it looks like! You’ll know when you start doing it.

Make sets of your articles

Set of men's article

 Setting apart the compartments makes things easier for you to find whichever article you’ve looking for. Moreover, making piles of your helps you find it more easily. This comes in handy for smaller articles like your ties, cufflinks, socks, briefs and anything else. You can make use of make sets of the smaller pieces and keep them in one place. For cufflinks, you can keep them in a box; socks, boxer briefs, and other foldable items can be folded together and stacked together and ties can be hanged in one place.

In addition, keep your shirts in one pile, t-shirts in one and likewise every category together.

Don’t club the different styles of men’s underwear styles

set of men’s underwear styles

 I know you cannot keep your boxers in one place and bikini underwear in another. All you need to do it is keep your sexy underwear in a different slot from the ones you wear on a regular basis. This will keep them looking creaseless or prone to slipping at the end of the section. I don’t even like it when I pull out one pair and the other gets entangled with it and gets torn (the sheery pieces are the ones prone to this). Another reason to do it would be that your cupboard will stay organized for a longer duration if you don’t keep tossing pairs here and there.

Keep your head clear of what needs to be hanged and folded

hanged and folded men's clothes

Make sure you know what clothing articles are supposed to be folded and what needs to be hanged. Suits are an essential clothing piece that shouldn’t be folded but hanged to keep the creases away. However, shirts are folded to keep the crispiness intact. This is exactly why ties are hanged and not folded. Well, you can always roll them gently to inboxes to cherish them longer.

Keep a separate section for winter wear

separate section for winter wear

 If you aren’t sharing your cupboard with anyone else and have ample space (unlike me), you can keep the lowest compartment for the winter wear. Stack every article from the jackets, sweaters, warm lounge pants and whatever you have. You can’t see it in my cupboard because I keep them locked in the suitcase to avoid them from getting prone to dust.

Did you get inspired by my wardrobe? Do share your comments in the space below.

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