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Basic Style Hacks For Every Man

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We all look for the easier way to do things and find it quite difficult when you run of shortcuts. When it comes to looking absolutely stunning, it can cost you hard on your pocket. Hence, we bring you certain style hacks that will trim down your budget as well as keep you looking how you always wanted to look.

Let us look at the basic hacks for every man that would keep you looking stylish without sacrificing your style quotient.

1. Roll up the sleeves--neatly:

Oh yes! Neatly in the point is as important as breathing ‘fresh air’ rather than polluted. Scrambled rolling up of the sleeves look like you are going to fight the blocked toilet (just imagine). Pull the sleeves straight and roll them equally without leaving bumps while folding them.

2. Say no to bobbles:

It is that time of the year when you’ll find your favorite sweaters and sweatshirts getting ruined by the ugly bobbles. What to do? Pick up brush used to clean clothes and run it over the winter wear. This is surely a life saver hack that can be used by both men and women.

3. Switch:

Don’t you get bored with donning the same pair of shoes, belt and even men’s underwear style? Well it is the right time to actually get bored and switch to newer styles available in the market. For example, a person who prefers men’s brief underwear would surely not go for g-string underwear for men, but can adjust with male bikinis or even boxer briefs. Hence, plan and switch from one style to another time-to-time. It gives your style quotient versatility.

4. Remember your size:

How would you do that when you actually keep forgetting what your actual size is? Confusing? Yes, when it is hard to remember the size of your clothing articles that are quite different from each other (because fashion underwear, shirt, pant and more cannot be the same size). Make sure you click a snap of it and keep it handy, because you might need it any moment.

5. Ctrl+Z for Shrinkage:

We all have faced this problem that our favorite t-shirts or other articles shrinks and is of no use after that. You can’t rewind the whole act by bringing the apparel to actual shape, but you can make it worth wearing again by following the steps.

A. Soak it in lukewarm water with baby shampoo in it for more than half an hour.

B. Take it out and without washing it, let it dry.

C. Put is on a flat surface and stretch gently to bring back the shape or at least somewhat near to the original one.

You can thank us later for the above mentioned handy hacks. If you have some hacks that can be helpful to men, please share them in the comments below.

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