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5 Trekking Essentials for your Summer Vacation

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Is your checklist ready?

Planning for a trekking adventure this summer? Summer vacation calls for a trip with your family or friends and it is either the mountains you head to or to the beaches. Being a mountain person myself, there have been times when I missed some or the other thing and regretted later. It is like you spoil your mood for your own fault of forgetting something like a shaving kit at home. Hence, we at Mensuas believe in imparting knowledge to make your life a better place to live. You can find out 5 key pieces to carry on your next vacation that we had written for men who on and off travel for various purposes. This one is focused on trekking this summer would be more specific about what to carry within your travel bag.


Be more focused on brands that make you feel comfortable and do their job without making you invest a lot of money. A waterproof tracksuit with multiple pockets would be a better option when it comes to safeguarding your belongings.


What would a trekking trip be without a rucksack? With brands like Vans, The North Face, Osprey and so much more, you can pick the one that features pockets like lots of pockets, waterproof covering, must be lightweight and should be in your budget. Invest in something that stays longer. Rucksack

Trekking shoes

NO ORDINARY SHOES would do when it comes to trekking. You need to spend money on a good quality pair of trekking shoes that feature a sole that has a good grip, are waterproof, comfortable for the long walks and must be lightweight cushioning that keeps you on your feet for a longer duration. Trekking shoes

Quick-drying men’s underwear

It is important that you pick quick-drying men’s underwear that is made from nylon, spandex polyester, polypropylene, and other synthetic fibers as you wouldn’t get the luxury of drying your assets for long hours. Other than being comfortable, lightweight is another characteristic feature that helps you lessen the burden. You can also choose from men’s enhancing underwear styles that keep your masculinity away from the legs to prevent chafing.
Quick drying men’s underwear

Geo watch

Rather than adding to the weight as well as the luggage by carrying a watch and a compass individually, you have the option of carrying a Geo watch that gives the best of both the world. Reebok, Timex, and other watch brands offer Geo watch that not only has compasses but also have the temperature meter, altitudes, and other features. Geo Watch
Handkerchief, socks, nightwear and few more things must also be there on your list. Depending on the number of days you’ll be there, have these accordingly. Is there anything we missed here? Do let us know in the comments below.

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