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4 Effortless ways to raise the bar of your happiness

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Life is not always about sunshine and rainbows but there’ll always be gray clouds of anxiety, sadness and stressful days. What matters is how you tackle those dark times and come out with that big smile on your face. We know that every situation brings along a lot of side effects that take away your smile and that boost of energy but that’s what we all call life. It is all about how you combat your day-to-day problems and come out as a sole survivor from them.

Who doesn’t look out for happiness in their life?

The straightforward answer to this would be ‘yes’! However, what do you do in order to attain that level of happiness?

We’ve compiled some tips to raise the bar of your happiness without putting in a lot of effort.

Make out

Make OutHaving a sizzling love life is helps a lot of different grounds of life. Don’t just settle down for the ordinary moves! Make sure you explore new ways and places to get cozy with each other. It doesn’t bother anyone else anyway, so why not have fun with your partner. Did you know that having sex or getting physical with the person you love charges up the happy hormones aka serotonin which lead to a happier you? Well, if you didn’t know this, you can thank us later!

Go for a spa

Go for a spaDon’t just go to any spa! You all must have planned as well as started packing for your beach holiday, you can visit a spa there. Spas situated near the beaches offer better services and are quite relaxing as well. After all, you’re heading to that destination for that purpose apart from running around in your men’s swimwear and relaxing while sipping a beer. Spas have their own feeling and it’s just indescribable. More than that, you can sign up for pedicure and manicure to take the feeling to a whole new level.

Have a journal

Have a JournalWe all have the constant rush of feelings which sometimes we need to cherish even after they’re over. Hence, keep a journal where you can put in pictures, quotes, small notes, wishes and even reminders of being thankful to others for so many things. Journals go a long way when it comes to jotting down one’s feelings and important things. It was a clear depiction of one’s personality.


MeditateHas ever someone been adversely affected by meditating? Well, as far as I know, it is one natural source of welcoming love, happiness, contentment, and peace of mind into your life. Hence, you should practice it day-in-day-out to be a happy person inside out. It’s perfect for those whose schedule is a little bit hectic considering the convenience of the practice. Meditate in the morning and you needn’t go anywhere else when you can practice it at home. In fact, if you find it hard to wake up a little early, you can do it before hitting the bed at night as well. It’s so simple yet so effective.

Summers are approaching and all the sweat, hectic schedules and stress will make you feel quite irritated. These steps come in handy for that time. All you got to do is practice happiness and wear summer fabrics to keep yourself cool & comfortable.

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