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Snapshots: Of apples and oranges

Snapshots is an occasional series on the Skiviez blog with pictures that depict scenes from the day-to-day inner workings of Skiviez.

Being the software guy for a small business also means maintaining systems that you never thought you’d ever have to maintain in your life.

Such as our VOIP phone system, for instance.

Whenever an employee complains of a problem with their phone, my first question is “what is its IP address?” is so that I can check on it remotely. Nobody ever remembers the IP address because it’s just a series of meaningless numbers like

So I took the drastic measure of naming everyone’s phone after a fruit or vegetable. For example, the front desk phone is named “onion”:
I tend to forget that my phone is, but I sure won’t forget that its name is “kumquat”!

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