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Snapshots: I “pledge” to use air freshener correctly

Snapshots is an occasional series on the Skiviez blog with pictures that depict scenes from the day-to-day inner workings of Skiviez.

Did you know that if you innocuously leave a can of Pledge in the Skiviez bathroom, then employees will mistake it for a can of air freshener?

Did you also know that if you use Pledge as air freshener by spraying it all over the bathroom, then any and all vinyl surfaces that it comes in contact with turn into a greased up slip-n-slide? (Seriously. This stuff could replace WD-40.)

And did you know that as a result of this error, stepping anywhere on the vinyl flooring in the Skiviez bathroom will now send you tripping and careening dangerously and hilariously toward the toilet?
air freshener
The things that we have to address at our weekly staff meetings at Skiviez….

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