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Introducing Skiviez Mobile

We’re still listening! In addition to the customer-submitted product review images feature and numerous other enhancements that we’ve added to the Skiviez Web site, we’re now proud to introduce Skiviez Mobile, an HTML5-based, mobile-friendly version of the Skiviez Web site. Just go to on your iPhone or Android device, and you’ll be whisked away to a version of Skiviez that’s designed to help you when you’re on the go.

Streamlined product catalog
Introducing Skiviez Mobile

 Don’t get us wrong–our full site is lauded by our customers for its streamlined navigation and no-nonsense filtering interface. But navigating a site designed for a large display and a mouse is always going to be less than ideal when you’re on a mobile device. Have you ever wanted to show a Skiviez product to a friend at a bar (which, of course, always seems to have spotty or non-existent 3G coverage) but dreaded the experience of zooming through a full-featured site?

That’s why Skiviez Mobile offers a browsable, list-based view of the product catalog with finger-sized buttons that let you drill down to the brands and styles that you want to see.

Once you’ve arrived at a product page, we display only the most pertinent information without the fluff: images, fabric information, and customer reviews. This ensures that the pages load fast while you’re on a mobile network but still contain all of the detailed product information that you’ve come to expect from Skiviez.
Introducing Skiviez MobileAdding the item to your mobile shopping cart is easy as a few taps of your finger–no painstaking and frustrating “pinch to zoom” required here. On your iPhone, you can quickly scroll through the images of a product by using two fingers and just tap the image to bring up a larger version.

The mobile home page contains the same great quick links as our full site. You can quickly drill down to see the top sellers or the newest items at Skiviez.

When your phone dings and you find that you’ve just received a Skiviez newsletter e-mail announcing new stock or a new sale, you can peruse the new items and discounts right from your mobile device.

Mobile-friendly search
Introducing Skiviez MobileFor Skiviez Mobile, we were able to use one feature from our full site that already sets us apart from our competitors: our search actually works. So we’ve taken the same great search capability, slapped it on the mobile home page, and given it the same list-based, finger-friendly display that you’ve come to expect from a well-designed mobile site.

Heard about the hot new Gregg Homme Torrid Thong from a friend? It’s never been easier to look it up at Skiviez! Just visit our home page on your iPhone, tap search, type “torrid,” and you’ll see the product at the top of the phone-friendly search results.

Check out from your phone
Introducing Skiviez MobileIn the mood for a quick purchase? Save yourself from the hassle of typing your address and credit card information by using our integration with PayPal Mobile Express Checkout and Google Checkout for Mobile. It’s security from the brands you already trust, and it’s optimized for the mobile payment experience. You can have your next order on its way in just a few taps! If you like, you can also switch to our full, regular checkout process on your phone or mobile device.

Track shipments and orders on the go
Introducing Skiviez MobileYou’re out somewhere, and you get what you’ve been waiting all day for–the Skiviez shipment confirmation e-mail containing your tracking number! Thanks to Skiviez Mobile, you can click on the link in the e-mail and connect to a mobile version of your Skiviez shopping account. You can see all of the tracking information about your parcel in one convenient place. You can also get a quick overview of the status of your recent orders thanks to the mobile “Your Account” screen.

E-mail your shopping cart for later
Introducing Skiviez MobileSo you’re out someplace that you don’t want to be, you’re bored, and you’ve been browsing Skiviez Mobile for some products that you’re interested in. You’ve added them to your mobile shopping cart, but maybe you’re not comfortable with paying via your phone just yet–or maybe you don’t have the time. Thanks to the “E-mail Cart” feature, you can e-mail your shopping cart to yourself or to a friend and complete your purchase when you’re near a personal computer!

We respect your privacy, and by using the “E-mail Cart” feature, neither your nor your friend’s e-mail addresses are added to any mailing list.

The customer is always right

While we try to do the right thing and redirect you to a mobile version of a Web page when one exists at the Skiviez site, you’re not locked in. Just go to “Your Account” and set your Mobile Site Preference. If you’d rather see the full Skiviez site, just select that option, and we’ll leave you alone. Shopping carts, customer accounts, and preferences are all shared between the full site and the mobile site, so you don’t have to worry about your data existing in two places or getting out of sync.

We’re still listening

We didn’t build a mobile site for the fun of it. We built one because you asked for it. Mobile devices are becoming ubiquitous and more popular than ever, and you told us that you like to be able to quickly show a product to a friend at the bar or make a quick purchase while on the run.

Is there anything else that we can add to the mobile site? Or is there something about the full site that drives you nuts or that you’d like to see? We’re still listening. Tweet it, e-mail it, or submit it. At Skiviez, you can trust us to listen to our customers–or else we wouldn’t be the men’s underwear authority!

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