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Introducing new product review features to improve the shopping experience

No-holds-barred, honest customer product reviews aren’t a new thing at Skiviez by any means–we’ve been offering customers the ability to leave product reviews since January 2004, well before Web 2.0 and social media. We’re continuing this tradition of improving the customer experience by releasing a few upgrades to our product reviews system.

product review system

Helpfulness voting

Once you’re signed in to Your Account, you’ll see a “thumbs up” and “thumbs down” icon next to each review. If you think the review is helpful, hit “thumbs up”. Over time, we’ll be able to sort the product reviews by “helpfulness” so that the most insightful and useful reviews bubble to the top, making it easier for customers to make an informed purchasing decision.

Helpfulness voting

Verified buyers

If a customer who writes a review has actually purchased the product from Skiviez, they’ll get a “Verified Buyer” badge next to their review. This way, customers can know that the reviewer actually received the product and knows what he’s talking about.

Verified buyers


Perhaps the most exciting feature of all is the ability for other customers to leave comments about reviews, enabling customers to have a public and informative discussion about the product in question. Review writers have the option to be notified by e-mail whenever new comments are posted to their reviews; the option is sitting in the “Profile” section of the “Your Account” section of our Web site.


Review profiles

Speaking of “profiles,” they’re new too! As mentioned before, the review system at Skiviez is seven years old, so a few quirks in the implementation had developed over that time. Since historically reviews had not been associated with customer shopping accounts, it was possible for review writers to make up a different display name for each and every review. The vast majority didn’t, and so we’ve unified the system by allowing you to set a global display name in your “Profile” that will be propagated to all of the reviews that you have left at Skiviez. (If you have left different display names on reviews over the years, they’ll be unified to your new display name the next time you update your “Profile” on our Web site.)

The new profile system also enables customers to quickly see all of the reviews that a particular writer has left. Following someone who has tastes similar to yours is now easier than ever!

Finally, a historical note. Customer reviews that were created prior to August 2007 were not associated with customer shopping accounts. If you left a review before that time, you won’t see a “Verified Buyer” badge or be able to edit the review via your shopping account. If you’d like, you can always e-mail us the Web page address and the text of the review that you’d like to have associated with your shopping account, and then you’ll be able to edit and take ownership of the review from there.

We’re still listening

We’re always working on new features at Skiviez. Does something about the Web site drive you nuts? Is there something else that you wish it did? Leave a comment, live chat with us, e-mail us, or give us a tweet. We’re listening.

Thanks for shopping with us!

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