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What's stopping you to give Bulls Eye Thong for men a chance?

Daddy Underwear

Daddy Underwear
has recently launched its erotic pair of
men's thong, Bulls Eye Thong which comes with too much exposure in the front as well as in the back. Bulls Eye Male thongs are not meant for those who are shy and have never worn something so revealing. Erotic men's open cut skimpy pouch reveals which inside, therefore, we advise you to stay clean down there if you do not want to feel embarrassed in front of your partner. Speaking about the waistband, it's broad enough to hold your waist and display the name of the brand in bold and capital letters.

Daddy underwear Bulls Eye Thong underwear for men is not been crafted in some quirky prints and bold colors, it has been designed in basic color so to make it stand out, creators have enclosed the pouch as well as back fabric with contrast colored piping. 

Mens thong

Being a lightweight male lingerie one can think of considering it as a "summer-lingerie" but we recommend this for your foreplay and sexual pleasure.

Though it appears delicate but the collaboration of polyamide and spandex makes it strong, durable, and sturdy enough to withstand several washes, only if you do it the right manner.




2.Skinny and comfortable

3.Include contrast colored piping.

4.Broad waistband

5.Appropriate for foreplay and sexual pleasure.



Small, Medium, Large and X-large


Black, Red, White

Daddy Underwear DDK027 Bulls Eye Thong

This sexy male thong is different from other thong underwear therefore you need to treat it in a unique manner. One has to be very careful while washing them because one wrong step can destroy the shape of your male lingerie, that's the reason we are here to make you aware with do's and don'ts which you need to follow is the owner of such sexy men's thongs.

The most important thing, quit washing them in the clothes washer and that too with your customary garments. Regardless of whether you are wanting to do so put them inside a mesh bag or in a pillowcase. Cleansers which are chlorine-based can demolish the nature of your thong. Search for delicate cleansers and cleansers. Second, dump tumble dries and change to air drying. Ensure you don't put them under direct daylight as it can blur away the shade of your fragile men's thongs underwear.

Quit pressing your male thongs, on the off chance that you do so on the grounds that your fragile pair of male lingerie doesn't need to require ironing.

Though these pair of thongs look uncomfortable you shouldn't judge a book by its cover. If you really like them, wear them as often as you can so that you can develop a good comfort zone with these male thongs. Also, make sure you pick the one in the right size otherwise it won't look great even if you are blessed with a great physique.

Shop the sexy underwear for men here - Daddy Underwear DDK027 Bulls Eye Thong


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