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What's Hot: Secret Male Pansy Bikini

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The first thing that came to my mind when I got to know that Secret Male has launched its new men’s underwear collection was - what can be hotter than the other men’s lingerie styles that the label has? Well, to my amazement, the men’s sexy underwear brand has done it again with men’s panties that are beyond one’s imagination. You might call them sultry, sexy, or elegant, these men’s bikini underwear is the What’s Hot edition for today.


Secret Male underwear has been openly boasted about their love for men’s lingerie and empower men who have the guts to get in touch with the feminism that’s within them. Every possible men’s underwear style - male bikinis, thongs for men or others have been proof of the same time and again. Well, this time, the label introduced a men’s bikini that is lesser on the boasting (visually) but is absolutely stunning and sexy on the fit and feel. Yes, you call them the Pansy bikini for men by Secret Male. A combination of solid fabric with lace is a killer combination for sure and the brand uses a LOOOTTT....of it in its collection.

Secret Male SMI028 Pansy Bikini

The very first thing that catches your attention is that little pansy on the no-show waistband. You would be all awww...about it because it looks adorable. Well, that’s just the starting because it gets hotter from there. With slim lace underwear panels on top, the male bikini features solid coverage for the assets. A soft and comforting pouch of the men’s bikini underwear holds your manhood to the best and contours it for all the support and visibility. Flipping over the bikinis for me, you would notice that the lace fabric panel has broadened covering (actually showing off) a huge part of your buttocks and the butt crack. The solid fabric takes over from there to provide comfort when seated.


The thick stitching on the waistband as well as on the legs of the men’s bikinis keeps the pair from riding up and bunching in one place. Made with polyamide and spandex, the fit, the texture and the duration of the male bikini will be really long. Hence, you can enjoy sex appeal and comfort longer.


Red, White, and Black

Secret Male SMI028 Pansy Bikini

Take a look at the features of the Pansy bikini by Secret Male underwear below.


  • Sexy men’s bikinis by Secret Male
  • Lace underwear panels with solid fabric combine to look stunning below the belt.
  • Low waist fit
  • Contouring pouch that shapes up the manhood and provides comfort.
  • Fabric composition: Polyamide and spandex

Shop the sexy underwear here - Secret Male SMI028 Pansy Bikini

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