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What's Hot: Pistol Pete Jock Jockstrap

Hey are you ready to explore the new arrival of Sporty collection. Pistol pete offers you amazing mens jockstrap underwear with cool sporty features. Just have a look:

Pistol Pete PPE023 Jock Jockstrap

Are you ready to sweat out again after the long quarantine period? In case you are still home and working your butts the entire day, take out some time for yourself and stretch your body to the best. Take a look at this Pistol Pete Jock Jockstrap underwear for men that pushes you to get in shape and love yourself. We’ll be talking about this men’s jockstrap underwear in this “What’s Hot?” edition. What do you think about these men’s jocks? Aren’t these men’s underwear hot??


Pistol Pete underwear has been in the intimate-wear business for more than an age and been named as a progressive men’s underwear brand for its extraordinary designs. In any case, since the time the men’s hot underwear brand has been in business, various other brands have attempted to duplicate the patterns set by Pistol Pete yet, neglected to bring something like the ones offered by the brand itself. Presently, Pistol Pete Underwear and Pistol Pete Swimwear offer the absolute most progressive styles to the male populace. The line of jockstraps for men are truly a companion that not only makes the underneath look more fashionable but provides absolute support that is required by the male genitals.

 Pistol Pete PPE023 Jock Jockstrap

Let us now talk about the men’s jockstrap that you can see in the images. The model looks quite a thing wearing that sexy underwear for men for sure. Not only does he look stunning but men’s hot underwear style is making him feel comfortable as well, for he is lying down on his stomach and playing with toy cars(I am assuming). Starting with the design, the men’s jockstraps are the one pair that provides you the chance to be the sexy one in the crowd. Featuring the traditional cuts and coverage of a male jockstrap, the men’s underwear features the subtlety and support that your unmentionables need. With a solid coverage in the front, it is the back that shows it all off. Or, you could even say that the jockstrap underwear for men allows you to breathe well with the bare back. The broad waistband keeps it all in one place with the sturdiness it provides. The low waist fit with the pouch that hangs low yet contours the manhood, everything falls in place. The pouch underwear for men even features piping cut-outs on the sides of the pouch.

Colors Available:

Black, Navy, and White

Pistol Pete PPE023 Jock Jockstrap

Take a look at the key features of the men’s jockstraps below.

  • Men’s jockstrap underwear by Pistol Pete
  • Solid coverage and supportive design
  • Broad waistband with the brand name on it
  • Bare back
  • The front features contouring yet comfortable pouch
  • Fabric composition: Cotton and spandex

Shop the sexy mens jockstraps here - Pistol Pete PPE023 Jock Jockstrap

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