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New Launch: Daniel Alexander Show-It Bikini Underwear for Men

Daniel Alexander DAI060 Show-It Bikini

No matter what I do, I just can’t seem to take my eyes off the sheer underwear fabric that is practically showing off what the model has in the pouch. Moreover, the temperature is soaring and the model looks absolutely stunning in these new arrivals by Daniel Alexander underwear. Oh yes!! Daniel Alexander just dropped in its new men’s underwear collection that features sultry and sexy underwear for men that are perfect for your date nights and times when you seek that extra something - of everything.


Daniel Alexander underwear has been a game-changer in the fashion underwear industry for men. What started with conventional styles with a modern fit and feeling back in 2015 has transformed into a full-fledged sexy underwear brand that makes sure that comfort does not go missing from the men’s underwear styles it offers. The pouch by Daniel Alexander underwear is another perk for folks who try to keep their manhood upfront. It is made to shield you from altering the position the whole and keeps everything in one spot without causing riding of texture. The view improves your sex appeal and gives a lift to your general character by focusing on your chest area (abs and chest) just as your thighs. Well, that’s quite aptly correct for this men’s bikini underwear.


Talking about bikini underwear for men showcased in the images and worn by the model, it is called as Daniel Alexander Show-It Bikini Underwear. Well, sultry as it looks, the male bikini features a design that looks absolutely stunning and feels so comfortable as well. When you first take a look at the men’s bikini underwear, you’ll find a sleek design with solid and sheer underwear panels. The thick piping cut-out on the pouch segregates the solid panel from the sheer part. The solid fabric panel looks shimmery while the sheer underwear fabric is subtle and sexy. The design of the pouch is designed to elongate with the manhood and take its shape while providing the comfort and support it needs.

 Daniel Alexander DAI060 Show-It Bikini

Just look at the sexiness of the bikini underwear for men. The low waist fit makes the no-show waistband sit really low on the body and brings the attention quite clearly where it is needed the most. The seamless back makes sure you feel comfortable even when you’re seated for long hours. In terms of coverage, the front covers the entire thing while the back is designed to show off the butts.

This designer Daniel Alexander DAI060 Show-It Bikini available in three different colors. So you can easily get which color do you like most.

Mens bikini underwear

Check out the features of the male bikini below:

  • Men’s bikini by Daniel Alexander
  • Part solid and part sheer underwear coverage
  • Contouring and shaping sheer pouch
  • Made with polyamide and spandex
  • Thick piping design on the edges.

Love the new arrival? Why don’t you check out the men’s bikini underwear at here - Daniel Alexander DAI060 Show-It Bikini

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