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What's Hot? Agacio Temptation Thong

Agacio tempting thong

Agacio Underwear
is all set to put the stage on fire with the brand new collection of men’s underwear that it has put forward. The men’s designer underwear brand has made sure that you will love to slip into skimpy yet supportive coverage below the belt. Not only Agacio, but there are numerous other men’s hot underwear brands that have come forward with their new collections. For example, you would find Secret Male with the line of men’s lingerie like babydolls for men, Cover Male with its line of men’s g-strings that are super hot and much more.


If you notice closely, you’d find out that men’s underwear has become more of a fashion statement than just being a necessity. Over time, men’s fashion underwear brands have been coming up with new arrivals that are sexy, sensuous, and provide a wholesome experience to your personality. Agacio has been one brand selling underwear for men that has been considered as one of the most comfortable and supportive names. The line of men’s briefs and boxer brief underwear for men have been the bestselling collections since the starting but the line of male thongs has also become the most prominent lines by the brand. Take the example of this men’s thong underwear for that matter.

 Agacio AGK015 Temptation Thong

If you have been looking for a macho pair of men’s thong underwear, then this number from Agacio Underwear is your perfect companion. As the name suggests, Agacio Temptation thongs for men is what tempts you to the core and makes sure you want to come back to the style over and over again. With a fully covered front, you will find a sexy back that features a conventional men’s thongs coverage. When you look at the front, you will notice a combination of colors - on the pouch, on the pouch sides, and the thick piping. These colors in the men’s sexy underwear make the pair look pleasing. The elastic waistband is broad, shimmery, and supportive. Made with viscose and spandex, you get the comfort that you’ve been looking for.


Features of the male thongs by Agacio

  • Masculine and sporty thongs for men by Agacio Underwear
  • Broad elastic waistband with Agacio on it
  • Contrast-colored thick piping on the pouch sides
  • The big and comfortable pouch holds the manhood at ease.
  • Fabric composition: Viscose and spandex



Grey/White, Navy/Black, and White/Navy

Agacio AGK015 Temptation Thong

Check out more here: Agacio AGK015 Temptation Thong

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