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New launches: Cover Male Hammock G-String

If you are G-string lover then you must try this New arrived on our store Cover Male CML019 Hammock G-String , with amazing qualities and sexy design as well. Read...

Cover Male CML019 Hammock G-String

Don't you get flattered seeing models like this? If yes, then you must not be knowing that it is easier to look seductive now. Cover Male is the men's underwear brand which has come forward with this new pair of Hammock G-string for those men who wish to enhance their fashion trend.

Cover Male is a brand that never fails to satisfy its customers. It is consistently amusing to move your men's underwear style to something else and Cover Male is advancing forward in the field of men's underwear in a manner to upgrade the design status of the male population. The blend of various textures is the thing that makes the underwear for men more appropriate to be worn during extended periods of work. It is simpler to place your trust in Cover Male and prepare to feel the certainty once more.

Similarly, once you look at this pair of Cover Male underwear you'll notice all the attributes are unique and a sense of confidence is developed inside you while you slip into this mens underwear. G-strings for men are in trend for their exposure and revealing benefits, and this pair from Cover Male adds comfort and various advantages to it. The string structure holds the construction together and the place where a lot of fabric is used is the pouch. This pouch in male g-string. helps your assets to stay comfortable while you do your movements.

Cover Male CML019 Hammock G-String

If you look at the backside of this men's g-string underwear you'll know that this pair is perfect for breathability. A string structure runs down to the buttocks to offer support. This men's underwear exposes a lot of your skin and is perfect for those who like to show off. The dual color fabric adds an exotic look to this pair. The light-weight fabric acts as a cherry on the cake. There is no restriction in the movement and you do not have to worry about anything once you slip into this "Cover Male underwear".

There are three color options available in this men's g-string underwear. You can choose the one you like.

Cover Male CML019 Hammock G-String

Some main features of this male g-string are given below.

Men’s g-string underwear

Low rise underwear with a string waistband

Triangular coverage in the seat with a protruded bulge in the front

The pouch enhancing underwear features a thick center seam that adds more room

Polyamide and spandex fabric composition

 Want to check it out? You can check out and buy the men’s g-string underwear here - Cover Male CML019 Hammock G-String

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