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Do you know your men's jockstraps?

The reason for choosing male jockstrap is its maximum support, on-field as well as off-field. There are two types of jocks, fashionable and athletic but in its initial stages, athletic jocks were...

Do you know your men's jockstraps

The jockstrap is most often worn by athletes during competition. Men jockstraps are a combination of the waistband, support pouch and two elastic straps that run from the base of the pouch to the left and right sides of the waistband at the hip. With the change in time, men's needs are changing day by day hence it's worn just for pleasure as well.

The reason for choosing male jockstrap is its maximum support, on-field as well as off-field. Well, you are wearing this lingerie for ages but are you sure that you know its past, present, and future?

If we start with its past so you will come to know that bike jockstrap was the first male jockstrap which was manufactured in America in 1874 and C.F.Bennett of Chicago, sports goods company, Sharp and Smith was the one who invented it. They realized that bicycle riders and messengers have to face problems while riding a bicycle hence they got the reason to invent jocks underwear.

Daddy DDE011 Jockstrap for men

After that in the year 1897, Bennett's newly formed bike web company got patented and started mass-producing the Bike Jockey Strap. The earlier waistband of jockstraps for men use to range between 3 into 6''(extra-wide band) but gradually with time, jockstraps have evolved and tend to have much thinner bands.

There are two types of jocks, fashionable and athletic but in its initial stages, athletic jocks were the only one which use to exist. So the cups of athletic jocks were very uncomfortable due to its hard plastic or metal. Makers of cup realized that its difficult to carry such a hard protective cup hence they came up with a solution that " we will create "banana shape cups" this way it will sound more ergonomic and lighter. The plastic material which was used in it was lighter, had ventilation holes and contoured and flexible side edges for higher wearing comfort.

Do you know its birthday?

Men jockstraps are known with different names such as jock, jockstrap, strap, supporter or athletic supporter. These are designed to keep you protected while having high-spirited activities.

If you have ever noticed men’s jockstraps closely you will come to know that they consist of two elastic straps and a pouch that has an option of the adjustable cup hence you can change the cup based on the type of sport as different sports require different cup.

How to look for the right cup or supporter?

Intymen INT4604 Mesh Jockstrap for men

To get the correct supporter size, the waist measurement is important. Measure your waist with a tailor's tape and position the tape at the top of the hipbone, which is close to the level of your belly button for the most accurate measurement. the size of your cup varies with every brand so always check the labels. Well, the common size for male supporters are:

• Youth Small: 20 to 21 inches
• Youth Medium: 22 to 23 inches
• Youth Large: 24 to 25 inches
• Small: 26 to 32 inches.
• Medium: 34 to 38 inches.
• Large: 40 to 44 inches.
• Extra-large: 46 to 50 inches.

Before buying athletic supporters it's highly recommended to try them to ensure its neither too tight nor too loose as tight cups or supporters could be uncomfortable. if jocks cup or supporter is too small it can create chafing, although many modern cups have soft foam or gel around the edge of the cup to reduce the risk of abrasion it won't succeed in offering you full coverage during an impact and may cause pinching.

Besides cups, focus on waistband size, hook and loop closures, and materials. the ideal waistband will be 2 inches wide. similarily, if it consists of a hook and loop so it will be beneficial for you as you can easily adjust and secure the fit without causing chafing down there. Last but not the least, materials. Cups with gel or foam padding are best hence machine washable cups are easy to maintain.

How to know whether you have correct men’s jockstraps or not?

Good Devil GD4005 Exciting Jockstrap for men

1. Fabric:

The ideal fabric for your men’s jockstraps is the one that is soft, breathable just like your regular underwear. You can consider bamboo, modal and cotton fabric since they are soft and has moisture-wicking features due to which you remain cool and dry down there throughout your day.

2. Pouch:

Make sure your pouch secures the genitals in the right way and fits perfectly against your body so that the male package gets enough stretch to breathe.

3. Straps:

If you have bought a pair of men's jockstraps that have baggy straps, don't expect them to give you proper support to your butt. There is no option for baggy straps.

4. Waistband:

Traditional jocks for men used to have a wide waistband that offers a good amount of support no doubt but use to look ugly. Thank god, designers, worked on that and have bought a wide variety in the waistband. so whether you prefer a large, logo branded waistband or something subtle you can look accordingly.

5. Cut:

Traditional jocks leave your backside exposed. Some might feel ok with that but some prefer wearing Briefs instead. If you are done wearing that same old jockstrap and feel like having some variations go for jock brief, bar back jock or V-back men jockstrap or even jock thong if you are brave enough.

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