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Jockstraps: The journey

The very word jockstraps is associated with the sportswear and gym gears. Go through the blog to know the journey of men's jockstrap underwear from the scratch.  Have a look!

The very word jockstrap is associated with the sportswear and gym gears. The traditional undies have been a staple for every athletic personality for years. The name of the underwear style is a segregation of the words 'jock' and 'strap'.

The underneath article features the strappy style that is designed to protect male genital of athletes. However, with time this skivvy style is now being associated with the everyday routine of men.

Have you ever wondered how your favorite underwear style originated? The blog provides a run through the details of the undergarment right from the inception to this date. Have a look.


As per Wikipedia, the first ever jockstraps for men was introduced in the year 1874 by a company named 'Bike Web Company'. It was originally designed for the bicycle riders who rode the cobbled streets of Boston.

This is the reason why it was known as Jockey Strap and later became popular as jockstraps.

male jockstrap underwear

The basic design of this style of men's underwear included a wide waistband and pouch to cover the genital. In addition, the underneath article has a couple of straps that hugs the buttocks and support to the pouch. A certain range of this undergarment style known as Windproof jockstraps had a special layer of fabric to protect the privates of the wearer from wind.

Wind proof jockstrap wear

Some of the jockstraps even offered additional protection in the form of a protective cup that has embedded in the pouch. The cup was made of hard plastic or steel. Some of the wearers complained that the cup was hard and inconvenient. As a result of which, it was later made more flexible. The hard exterior was molded into the soft lining. The cups were made perforated to aid ventilation.

Issues with Jockstraps

Along with the much-needed comfort, support, as well as sex appeal, the revealing style of underneath article, has some disadvantages as well.

The very first issue raised by athletes was that of the jock itch. According to them, the crotch and the rear are sweaty while undergoing physical activity. The straps at the back added to the troubles by giving rashes, itchiness and other skin issues. As a result of which, the modern designers of men's underwear were made with softer elastic.

Other than this, the revealing buttocks were embarrassing for some. Few wearers complained that changing clothes in the locker room becomes difficult if you have your jockstraps on. If you are facing the same issue, then, men's boxer briefs is an alternate for you.

Various Types of Jockstraps

The traditional jockstraps have gone all the way from the athletic to a fashion piece. The erotic piece is not restricted to the wardrobe of sports personality only. Every body-conscious man who have higher regards for sex appeal and sensuality can try it. Here are basically two types of this underwear style.

Athletic Jockstrap

Pistol Pete PPE003 Jockstrap

The sporty jocks are specifically designed for workouts or undergoing any sort of strenuous activities. These undies are designed taking into account the basic need of the wearer. The pouch of these underneath articles offers supports and keeps the entire package bundled in the safe position. The waistband and straps at the back are soft enough facilitate the sweaty crotch. In some cases, these skivvies even come with the protective cups that acts as a shield to keep your manhood safe.

Fashion Jockstrap

The fashion jocks are aimed at making your intimacy even more fun. From the track to the bedroom of the style-savvy male population, the underwear is a big hit in the underneath fashion industry.

Intymen INE026 Loving Jockstrap

The sportswear has now even hit the big time by gracing the ramp walk. Jockstraps come in various fabrics, shapes, and personalities. Here are few options that you would find in this category of intimate apparel.

Sheer Jockstrap

These jockstraps definitely embody the functionality of the basic skivvy but add a flair of sensuality. The traditional undies are made up of see-through sheer fabric that covers nothing at all down there.

Good Devil GDE061 Exotic Sheer JockStrap

Revealing a bit more than expected, the already exotic pair for men is definitely for them whose emphasis is more on.. well.. covering up. Despite the fact that it leaves little to the imagination, the underwear supports the basic essentials of the wearer.

Lace Jockstrap

The ultra-masculine jock cut paired with the tender touch of lace is a deadly combination. Why should men be restricted to few conventional undies when you women can walk into any department store and pick up the titillating lingerie?

Secret Male SME001 Mirror Jockstrap

The lace underwear are for all those who do not restrict their style statement in the name of manliness.

Do you wear jockstraps? What are view on the underwear style? Share your comments below.

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